Chapel Hillians, Rejoice!

That dark expanse of days known as the "flyerless period" is at its end. I present you with this, a work that is equal parts handy and dandy, with a dash of moxie and verve to taste. Our lawyers say I can't promise you that if you print these out and hang them up you'll be met with the esteem of your peers and the amorous attentions of beautiful people. What I can promise you is that people who see these will know where and when the next Chapel Hill Drinking Liberally will be. (Which is this Thursday evening at Tyler's Speakeasy; details here.)

Flyer document is not actual flyer; some downloading and printing required. Void where prohibited. By downloading flyer you agree to never sue anyone. Price excludes tags, title, and license. Do not eat or drink flyer. Flyer is not intended to be used as a life-saving device. This document was produced by professional drivers on a closed course; do not ever try this yourself. Please use flyer responsibly.


Cross posted info for yours

Cross posted info for yours on the Raleigh list - you might get some of the folks that didn't want to drive "all the way" to ours.


I look forward to the week when I get to drive "all the way" to meet the Raleigh crowd.

Thanks for crossposting!


Looking forward to it! I really enjoy our local blog meet-ups a.k.a. BlogTogether, so having a politics focused meet-up will rock. (That group meets 2nd & 4th Thurs @ 6 p.m. at 3Cups on Franklin St. in CH.)

A friend goes to the DL in Philly and raves about it.


We're still a new group, so be sure to bring second hand stories about what makes the Philly meetings awesome!