Changing horses in mid-stream?

Thanks to NC Policy Watch and Lindsay Wagner for attending today's Education Appropriations Committee meeting and for her interview with Sen. Jerry Tillman (R-Randolph).

“They [private schools] are not regulated and we don’t know what they teach there, do we? Do you know?” said Tillman at the conclusion of Tuesday’s joint education appropriations meeting. A proponent of “school choice,” Tillman said he prefers the charter school model over private school vouchers.

“And do you know who’s the biggest recipient of school vouchers? A Muslim school,” said Tillman. “The Muslim schools are leading the pack. I’m not in favor of that.”

These quotes from Sen Jerry Tillman made me laugh out loud! I was there, watching as the voucher bill was discussed and passed. He pushed vouchers as hard as any of the Republicans at ‪#‎NCGA‬.

All Republicans in both houses were well aware that allowing vouchers to go to some religious schools meant giving vouchers to ALL religious schools. It was pointed out to them more than once. Muslim schools! Alright, then, that is fine! they exclaimed. No Problem! Sen. Tillman's comments today are laughable and his comments on the Muslim school are reprehensible.

It was pointed out on many occasions that private schools are not regulated, not required to have certified teachers, not required to follow a state-recognized curriculum, not required to account for the expenditure of state money. That sure didn't seem to bother him then.



Voucher rodeo

Great post.

These guys are at least predictable. They can't stand them no darkies or heathens of any sort or shade.