Center for Public Integrity investigates NC Blue Cross bill to gut health reform

News analyst and insurance company whistle blower Wendell Potter spent some time in North Carolina and found out that insurance companies here are using the same tricks they used to fight national reform.

Here's how the story opens:

RALEIGH, N.C. — Health insurers are demonstrating once again — this time in state capitals — that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing for consumers when health care reform is up for debate.

President Obama and Congressional leaders learned the hard way that insurance executives were playing them like a Stradivarius in promising to be good-faith partners on reform. In the end, though, the politicians realized that insurers had been carrying out a duplicitous PR strategy from the start. Even as the firms pledged at a March 2009 White House summit to help enact reform, they already were using millions in policyholder premium dollars to conduct a scare campaign against many of the key reform proposals supported by the Democrats.

The latest evidence of their duplicity can be found in Raleigh, where state lawmakers will vote in coming weeks on legislation to create a health insurance exchange, as required by federal law.

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The bad Blue Cross bill is House Bill 115. The good bill creating a meaningful health exchange is House Bill 126.