The Cause Endures

From our e-mail:

We are saddened by the implications of this budget. You know the statistics: 30,000 jobs lost, 12-13,000 in education alone. North Carolina’s recovery will be hindered by this budget, and our generation will have to live with the consequences.

However, in a strange way, tonight was the night that our faith in the Democratic Party was vindicated. This moment proved that our efforts in 2008 and 2010 were well worth it. We will remember this night as we work across our state to reelect our Governor and take back the General Assembly in 2012.


If the budget serves as a rallying cry

for good old Democratic values, maybe it will have been worth the pain. But I'm not optimistic. North Carolina's dominant political machine is now owned and operated by Art Pope, whose organizations have no qualms about lying and buying to win.