A Case of Projection, Ethanol Style

Ethanol will be highly toughted [sic] by uninformed greenies.

Link. The only people I hear pushing ethanol are big auto makers and anyone stumping in Iowa. Just remember this the next time this particular winger claims to have some insight on the liberal mind. Chances are that he's never met one.


Guess that makes me

an informed greenie?

Ethanol = Big Corn

Corn Killa

You environmentalist wackos are never happy! First you put your liberal hatin' on oil, now on corn! What will you hate next? Switchgrass?


Let's see. Problem #1 creating greenhouse gases. Solution #1 reduce production of greenhouse gases. If a fuel creates less pollution but the creation of the fuel creates more pollution, then there's an obvious problem.

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corn subsidy is responsible for corn syrup, which is partially to blame for our crappy food and fat kids.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Thank you for the link to switchgrass. It was very informative. Kinda makes one wonder why Kudzu was brought over from Japan. Besides being a possible fuel soarce, switchgrass revitalizes the soil, stops erosion and consumes CO\2.