In Case the Lottery Itself Was Not a Scam/Afternoon Open Thread

Roy Cooper warns North Carolinians to avoid lottery related scams:

“Lottery crooks are betting that North Carolinians will fall for their tricks,” Cooper said. “Don’t let these scammers get rich off of you.”

What is on your mind?


I say

Don't let Sheehan get rich off of you.

Anyway, UNC ranked at one or two in next year's basketball polls.

You know better

than to get me started on the lottery.

In the meantime, here's a flyer for an interesting conference that'll be held at Duke next month. Hopefully all the lacrosse players will be in jail by then and the participants can focus on something lively, like death.

The Rhine After Death Conference

you're so mean

My brother-in-law says she was just the cutest cheerleader in high school. And she was just was just so silly and perky when she'd stop by my college dorm to go out on the town with a remarkably slutty, I mean promiscuous, I mean popular floormate. And my husband only had to spend, say, a half hour rewriting I mean editing I mean going over her appalling, I mean interesting, I mean well-typed fluff articles for our college rag.

How can you say such a thing?


Where did that even come from?

maybe he's jealous

of a cruel society that so cruelly pigeon-holes a man who likes to shoe-shop.

That reminds me, but not all the way...

who was it who got media attention last year for shopping for Allen-Edmonds while Rome was burning or something? Does anyone recall what I'm talking about?


It were Frist. I wonder why that story stuck with me.

I am just pissed off

I get pissed when there is more evidence that the average american is not too bright.

Man, TG

you must be pissed off a lot lately.

if you're still talking about Katie

and not the people who watch and/or hired her, she's actually fairly intelligent. My venom comes from the obvious fact that she seem to choose not employ her brain as often as she could.


Agreed maybe Condi

needs to resign?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.