Candidates for NCDP Chair

Who's running for NCDP chair?Anyone heard yet who might throw their hat in the ring to run for the new chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party? Jerry Meek's term ends in January. Couple of names have been whispered at the state convention but no news since.

Maybe suggestions would help bring new talent to light.


Cant we talk about this on Nov 5th

Not that I don't think this is an important topic, but can we wait until after the election to discuss this. There is just too much to do to take time to talk about this right now. 12 days people.

Late night work

democratunc, I can appreciate your dedication but at 12:30 in the morning/night, it's not a bad thing to be musing over. Never too early to be thinking about the big picture. We can all get behind your logic but feel free to join us on Nov. 5th. Until then, I renew the question...any suggestions for candidates to lead the NCDP?

How about Jim Neal?

“We are the party of Roosevelt. We are the party of Kennedy. So don't tell me that Democrats won't defend this country. Don't tell me that Democrats won't keep us safe.” ~ Barack Obama

Marshall Adame for NCDPC

Why not Marshall, whose got better credentials than Marshall? Retired Marine, Vietnam Vet,U.S. Diplomat in Iraq,a great Democrat. Just a thought.

given that I used to be a Republican until 1992...

...I don't think I'd be acceptable to the party faithful. I am in the same boat as Dan. And the pay for that gig isn't quite my cup of tea.

rolling list continued

Muriel Offerman
Ed Turlington
Carolyn Honeycutt
Michael Wiesel
Janet Cowell (IF she loses for state treasurer)
Jim Stephenson
Dan Besse
Jim Neal
Graig Meyer

*copy this list to add to any future suggestions - help keep the list growing!

She better NOT lose for state treasurer

And no disrespect to Mr. Wiesel or any of the other fine folks you have listed, but I think Ed Turlington is the man.

Ed isn't just an incredibly savvy Democrat, he's also deeply committed, experienced and principled.

I'm proud of the work Mr. Meeks has done for this party and state and wish he were staying a little bit longer, but if he has to go, I sure wish that we could have Ed Turlington coming in to take the wheel.

I would suggest we list our criteria, then decide who fits

them the best. I would offer that the new chair should:

be grassroots oriented
Have leadership experience
Be a good communicator
have spent time working at a lower level in the party structure.
be able to fundraise.
Have progressive ideals

Any other thoughts?

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Dirty Hands

I would second everything you said and emphasize that they are a person willing to get their hands dirty. Someone willing to fundraise by actually making calls, someone willing to knock on doors, etc.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

I think a popular,

I think a popular, recognized elected leader take on the role a la Howard Dean. Maybe someone with youth and vigor. Someone like Richard Moore?

About Jim Neal and other obvious liberals. The one thing that could kill the statewide party in a center-right state is someone who is obviously liberal. It would be extremely difficult for Jim Neal to lead the party due to his sexual orientation partly because outside this little bubble, not all Democrats are progressive/liberal. Many are moderate and conservative. That may provide ammo for many organizations and the GOP and it would be hard for candidates to run against a Republican and the NCDP leadership.

If Obama wins

Do you still think of this as a center-right state?

Dean Debnam did a great poll and it showed that with all the new people moving into this state from other places, the state is becoming more progressive and moving away from the center-right.

Moving forward though the changing demographics of the state would seem to have the potential to make it one of those permanent swing states in Presidential elections. Older conservative Democrats who often vote Republican will continue to be replaced in the population by more liberal Democrats who consistently vote for their party’s candidates.

There will likely also continue to be an influx of voters who identify with neither party but at least for this year are leaning more toward the Democratic side of the spectrum.

If you thought our piece of the action during the Presidential primary was an exciting change from what has tended to be relatively boring races for the White House in North Carolina, you can probably look forward to more attention in the coming years.


Democrats Dominating in Wake County
Raleigh, N.C. – Democrats are leading up and down the ballot in Wake County, the
newest survey from Public Policy Polling finds.

“If North Carolina goes blue this year it’s going to be on the back of Wake County,” said Debnam. “The county’s rapid growth and Democratic tilt are contributing heavily to the potential statewide realignment.”

Over a quarter of a million people

voted for Jim Neal in the Primary, RK. Even though it wasn't enough, that level of public support is nothing less than astounding. I think Jim would make a great chair. He's got the energy and drive, and he also has an uncanny ability to "sell" liberal ideas in a way that make them attractive to even conservative thinkers, and that ability would be crucial in maintaining the progressive nature of the NCDP Platform.

A little less than that

The SBOE has the number of Neal voters in the 230s. More folks voted for the losing Labor Commissioners candidates than Neal. There's a better fit for Neal in the offing if he wants to remain involved.

In any case, this (votes in a losing primary effort) is not the right measure for a party chair.

Energy, drive and other abilities mentioned are what to look for.

While perhaps 10 days early, I do like this version of writing the job description in this forum for a statewide chair. Gotta love the intertubes!


not really sure about that

also being a yankee from NY who sounds like NY at times would count against me.

Weeeelllll now

That accent might get ya.

Yeah, but that's the wrong side of

the river. :)

You must be homesick pretty bad. Have a Philly cheesesteak or some thin crust pizza. Or not, 'cuz anything you get in Moore Co. probably wouldn't be at all close to being like it would be in Joizy. How about some Springsteen?

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

back on subject track

No offense to Pitbull but we need to refocus on the subject of this thread...a new state chair candidate.

Ed Turlington has quite the pedigree and would be ideal. Has anyone asked him or heard his thoughts about making this run?

Wake county may be pro-democrat but that is a far cry from moving from moderate/centrist to center-left. Any ideas on new candidates for the top two counties' chair positions: Meck. & Wake?

Revise Chair's qualifications

I agree with nearly all the earlier posted qualifications list but offer these revisions. The candidates for state chair should have a track record of being

1. grassroots oriented
2. a strong, positive leader
3. a good communicator
4. fair-minded and willing to listen
5. candidate-focused, voter-oriented
5. a successful and creative fundraiser
6. be a dedicated democrat for at least 15 years
7. open to moderate and progressive ideals

I think its pretty hard and

I think its pretty hard and it considerably narrows the field and shuts other people out when you say someone should have all the qualities anyone asks for. I think that have just a few of those are good. Someone may not be a good communicator in terms of public speaking but is a damn good organizer, for example.

Narrows the field to find the best

True it will narrow the field but most of these qualification are essential to being a good leader and especially of the NC battleground state we've become.

Most of these qualifications are what are to be found in Obama and in Meek. We need a good leader and we shouldn't exclude necessary qualifications just to broaden the field. Ed Turlington does fit this bill. Maybe a woman such as Carolyn Honneycutt or Muriel Offerman would be a good fit too.

Other comments?

Narrows the field to find the best

True it will narrow the field but most of these qualification are essential to being a good leader and especially of the NC battleground state we've become.

Most of these qualifications are what are to be found in Obama and in Meek. We need a good leader and we shouldn't exclude necessary qualifications just to broaden the field. Ed Turlington does fit this bill. Maybe a woman such as Carolyn Honneycutt or Muriel Offerman would be a good fit too.

Other comments?

I would like someone other than Turlingotn to step up.

I do not think he is grass roots oriented enough. The only time he ever appeared at a district convention was in 2004 when he wanted to go to the national convention. At that 2004 district convention his sense of entitlement was palpable. Also, in 2003 he was the insider, good ole boy candidate for NCDP chair. A lot of pressure and some nasty tactics were used to try to get Turlington the win. I am very glad, as are many other NC dems, that Jerry Meek prevailed.
Turlington may have a good resume as far as campaigns go, but I do not think that he would be all that great as NCDP chair.

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Ed Turlington would be wonderful

He wasn't part of the nasty tactics.

Those who were would probably have been surprised by him had he won the seat.

I'm glad for Jerry Meek, too, and wish he were going to stick around longer, but would would be thrilled to see a person of Ed's character and intelligence in his place.

I don't know, Persondem

You have a good question, and I think you should address it to him.

I can only speak to what I know about him, not what failings you may perceive.

The guv...

...generally makes it known who he/she prefers. For examp., Easley recommended Ed Turlington originally but J. Meek was elected. Who knows if Bev P will recommend someone else. Even if she does - anyone can run. The hard part is getting your name out there and getting elected.

Bite your tongue!

Lets not go there just yet. If McCrory beats Perdue then I'd imagine Perdue would still have input but I don't know the process should that happen. Guess we make it up as we go along?

So are we agreed then? Ed Turlington? Or are there others out there interested in chasing the seat?

When in doubt...

I remember how hard it was for me trying to recruit someone I liked for I just ended up running myself. I'd ask the people that really care about our party to look in the mirror. If not for chair, then 1st VC (automatic DNC spot!), 2nd VC, etc. Good people just don't magically appear...everyone has to step forward.

...though, w/o naming any names, think about various primary contenders in various races who didn't make it (heck, that's what happened on the national scene in 2005!).

Phillip Hunter Gilfus,
Member(NC), Democratic National Committee

Phillip Gilfus for NCDP Chair?!!

Phillip, good feedback on finding a qualified candidate to run for NCDP chair. Would you consider throwing your hat in the ring for this position?