Can Anybody Explain This?

I'm not being flippant; I'd really like to know what makes Christian martial arts Christian martial arts. Does anyone have any experience with this?

See this photo in jacobkrejcix's photo stream.


not what's in but what's out

My guess, (with a seven year old with four years of tae kwon do under his blue belt,) is that any reference to Asian countries or spiritual traditions are deleted. No bowing to Korean flag, no discussion of qi or chi or breathing any energy. No meditation of a non-deistic type.

I think this is just a way to niche market something that has non-American cultural traditions. Just like the Christian gyms with inspirational music. As for Christianity's non-violence traditions, well, that has been replaced by the new, nationalistic, manly type of Christianity, apparently.(Although most martial arts stress self-defense ONLY, which I remind my son lest he roundhouse kick me upside the head when in one of his moods.)

Christianity, nonviolent?

Maybe the early, early christians, but not since the Crusades or inquisition. Certainly the message of Christ is peaceful, but the church has not been.

Martial arts are very non-violent.

If you take the right martial art. I would guess they stress the "there is no first attack in karate" mentality, and maybe other Christian beliefs that have been forgotten by the right-wing. Like, being part of a larger world, knowing that world, seeing that world, not just destroying that world.

But, that could be the sudafed talking.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

A buddy of mine

Is a Southern Baptist minister (I know, I know. He's actually a rather liberal one. He went through seminary literally as the profs were changing from the left to the right). He also has two black belts, one of which came from a school with a Christian bend to it. He explained that he did little different from his other school where he earned his other black belt. The main difference was that they focused on biblical quotes when meditating, but outside of that they just knew that they all believed the same basic thing. His school was in Kentucky, so I can't speak to what they one above does specifically.

Liberal Southern Baptist minister ass kicker: who knew, huh?

I had a similar minister

Maybe that is why I find it difficult to find a new church that I like and agree with.

Wow, Me Too

Targator, I've always received funny looks when I've told people I was raised in a liberal Baptist church. We've had a very difficult time finding another church. We keep trying though and I take the girls to the church I grew up in, but with a new minister it isn't the same.

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Instead of nunchucks maybe they use crucifixes?

Like these?

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Those are friggin hilarious

Looks like something Landover Baptist would have.....

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Some God-fearing

Bible-thumpers are offended by the Eastern philosophy that is woven into the martial arts instruction (yoga, too). I guess Christian Martial Arts would put a little Jesus into your Kung Fu.

I've always found it pretty funny that super-religious types fear these things as threats to their religion. I mean...if your faith is really that strong, what's to fear?

But, hey, that's just me.