A Call to Arms

Hi friends!

I just got back from a day of church and visiting folks, and wanted to say hello before the week gets started again.

I'm traveling quite a bit around the district now, meeting new and old friends, bringing our message of hope straight to the people of the 8th District. Just yesterday, our team had a wonderful time at the Peach Festival. Tina and I got to walk in the parade beforehand, and the response was just inspiring.

I'm sorry my opponent couldn't attend, but as DC's House Race Hotline reports, we have him on the run now, hiding his association with President Bush.

Beating Around The Bush

Rep. Robin Hayes' (R) was absent at a 7/4 Ft. Bragg event with Pres. Bush. Bush "has campaigned with Hayes extensively over the past six years and Hayes has supported" Bush's "programs like CAFTA and voted for" his agenda 90% of the time. Teacher Larry Kissell (D): "When it helped him, Robin was publicly at the President's side, but the second that the Bush policies come under attack, Hayes heads for the hills. If that's not a fair-weather friend I don't know what is." However, Hayes did say he "met privately with the President" after the 7/4 event (Troy Post, 7/11).

Our campaign is on the move, making great inroads around the district, including right in my opponent's backyard, with the focus of the entire nation on this bellwether seat. As you all well know, we had quite the 11th hour rally in the final day of the reporting period thanks to the on-line communities graciously recognizing our efforts with a Netroots endorsement. I'm most grateful for all the support and attention. We have now had more than a thousand contributions.

As a history teacher, the way folks are rallying behind my campaign reminds me of how in the spring of 1775 ordinary people, mostly farmers called Minutemen, answered a call to arms. They courageously stood together in the town of Concord, Massachusetts against thousands of British soldiers, and successfully turned them back to Boston. Although many years of tough fighting and terrible sacrifice lay ahead, these brave souls kept at it against overwhelming odds because they had a vision of the grand nation they wanted for their future and for generations to come.

And you know, the Netroots are a lot like those early patriots that turned back the attacking Redcoats and forged a new democracy. And as an active, engaged member of the vibrant on-line communities that make up the Netroots, I don't need to tell you that the 'Redcoats' will be coming for us in this campaign. I hope you'll continue to stand with me as we see our important vision for America through to November victory and beyond.

The next thing I need each and every one of you to do is save the date of August 5th and plan on joining me at a statewide rally in Raleigh for our campaign. The tickets are only $20 and go to a great cause.

Kissell Down Home BBQ
Saturday, August 5th
6:00 PM until
Kerr Scott Building, State Fairgrounds
Raleigh, NC

Call 877-4 KISSELL (454-7735) or e-mail info@larrykissell.com for tickets and details.

I need you, your family and all your friends from Murphy to Manteo with us on August 5th to show the rest of the nation how seriously all of us good folks in North Carolina take turning our state back to blue. The people of the 8 th District want change, but they can't do it alone. We've been hit hard by the bad trade deals and mismanagement of a Republican-led Congress, and they need you to join our fight for what's right. I know you will.

Thank you all for answering the call to arms.

Larry Kissell
Democratic Nominee for Congress
North Carolina's 8th District

Someone Working...For a Change


There will be ...

some Johnston folks at the fairgrounds on August 5th to support you Larry. It's just a hop and a skip from us on I-40. Our county Chair already has tickets. :)

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

And Moore County Too

Even tho we aren't in your district, but surrounded by it, we feel that supporting you is good for us and the dem party!

Larry maybe you can tell us about...

the French & Indian War, Revolutionary War and WAr of 1812. It appears to me that THOSE are the wars that Iraq most resembles.

Any thoughts? : )

p.s. If you come back to Orange County I'd be happy to do another $50 dinner.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Durham County will be there, too.

Keep fighting the good fight, Larry!

Durham is the bluest county in NC. I will pass the word along about August 5th.

Go Larry, Go!

I wondered if Robin would show up at the Peach festival. I can't believe he missed that opportunity. I guess he doesn't need their votes.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


August 5th is going to be one heck of a shindig!!!

I'll be there!

I wouldn't miss it!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Folks in Charlotte/Concord

looking for a ride to the BBQ can look no further!

Join the Southern Dem and me for a Road Trip to Raleigh on August 5th. We've got a van with room for 13 of our Bluest friends and we'll do the driving!

We'll be picking up in South Charlotte and Concord - complete details to be posted soon.

trying to sell some tickets in Concord

I'm trying to sell tickets to the BBQ cook-off to people in Concord.
I'm pretty sure i can sell some at our picnic on july 29th.
I'll ask if any of them are interested in catching a ride with you.
Unfortunately I won't be able to be there myself because I'm going to the beach for a week, in an attempt to charge my batteries again for the onslaught towards the november election!

Cabarrus Democrats
Larry Kissell

I'll have a flyer

ready soon so you can have something to give out.

(I should've had one already, but The Man is keeping me down!)

Candidate Kissell

Kudos to you and your campaign staff for making a run against Robin Hayes. It takes a great deal of courage to stand up and take responsibility for your democracy, and I've been inspired by your candidacy.

Also, kudos for recognizing and tapping into the netroots. You probably understand the blogosphere better than 95% of the men in Congress, and this online chorus of voices will need folks who comprehend our citizen media.

Thanks for running, and thanks for taking advantage of the power and energy of the netroots. I won't be there on August 5th, but I'll send you $20 and encourage anyone who's dissatisfied with politics-as-usual to come out and see what your campaign is all about.

Scrutiny Hooligans - http://www.scrutinyhooligans.us

Thanks, Larry.

I welcome your call to arms and hereby declare myself armed and dangerous. I am committed to helping 8th district voters understand the real Robin Hayes.

Keep up the great work.

More Please...


You are running a strong campaign to date and I think you can appreciate some candid feedback so here goes and I hope my fellow bloggers will respect (Forgive) my directness…

Thanks to your very effective campaign to date I know a lot more about what Mr. Hayes has done and why he is not deserving of the 8th seat but I have spent considerable time investigating your website and I can’t help but think how precious little I know about what you would do if elected.

Respectfully this Democrat asks - What is your platform Sir? Can we anticipate that on your website under the “Issues” we will see more about what you believe vs what Robyn Hayes believes and why he was wrong?

Your campaign is reaching the “Line” (from my perspective) and has become seemingly one dimensional and dare I say it here among the party faithful - negative.

You have our attention – We now need the positive - why should we vote for you? Are we voting for you because it is a vote against Hayes? You are not going to roll back CAFTA and bring those jobs back – they are gone. This single issue campaigning is too simplistic (for me at least). You can’t win in my opinion unless you broaden the appeal beyond disenfranchised Republican Mill workers. What about the rest of us – what about our issues? Education, Healthcare, Security, Competitiveness?

Are you against Globalism? Can I read your views on Trade policy for example? How would you make us more competitive so NC jobs do not evaporate? What will you do to keep more jobs from moving overseas? What is your plan for reversing the trend?

With Respect and admiration I ask you to anticipate these types of questions and to broaden your campaign.


I wish the followers would lead... With a voice so strong in would knock me to my knees...

And where do you blog exactly? FreeRepublic?

I have spent considerable time investigating your website and I can’t help but think how precious little I know about what you would do if elected.

Respectfully this Democrat asks - What is your platform Sir?

It sure appears to be National Security, Less Government, Less Taxes and Real Family Values.

But then again this Democrat can read. I've also seen Larry on numerous occasions and anyone that has even made the slightest effort to get involved knows he's anything but a negative campaigner or one dimensional. He's talked extensively about some of the first realistic plans for energy, economics and education I've heard from any candidate in years.

Forgive my directness, but I call BS on your question and accusations entirely as they're pure uninformed Republican spin.

Welcome to BlueNC Karl.


I love specifics too and Larry does talk issues and specifics on his site and addresses them as they come up. I think what might be confusing is that there is so much information now it's hard to find those key initial issues he started with. Maybe those need to be highlighted with so much fresh informtaion now available on the site. It's obvious when you go to the issues section on the site that the Kissell camp has been on top of each issue as it has emerged.

First and foremost, I have no idea what the Kissell camp strategy is, but I do know just a wee little bit about campaign strategy basics having run a few and worked on many.

Too many times we worry about issues when that's not always what wins campaigns. Republicans run their campaigns on emotions (firing up the base about marriage/religion/flag/patriotism) and you can't fight emotions with issues/facts. The overriding emotion in the 8th is the betrayal and anger many feel over Robin Hayes' vote for CAFTA.

While reminding the voters constantly about Robin Hayes' broken promises to vote against Fast-track and CAFTA may seem negative, Larry counters with reminding folks that Hayes is a good man who did the wrong thing for the district. I don't think Larry is the type of man who feels comfortable attacking others, so this is probably sincerity and not strategy. (Again, I'm not a campaign insider. I get the same releases/emails that everyone else gets. I have no inside track on their strategy AT ALL)

Also, I found this quote from Stu Rothenberg in National Journal in the archives and it supports the idea that Hayes is vulnerable because of his CAFTA vote.

If supporting "free trade" is "serious electoral baggage anywhere in this country," the Carolinas ought to be the place. "Thats why I have to wonder" about Dem threats directed against Rep. Robin Hayes (R-NC 08) after his vote for CAFTA. "I'm not sure why I should assume it will now have a different ending."Every cycle and it's possible trade could become a decisive issue. Hayes can't afford to ignore Dem attacks about his vote if the party fields a credible challenger (8/8).

Larry is truly a sincere, honest, humble man. I wish you had an opportunity to meet him. I love to hear the "hows" along with the "whys" too, but I know the important thing is to get him to Washington first. Then I'll hound him for his step-by-step plans. Hehe...not that he'll tell me. ;)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Larry and his campaign might want to address the perception you get from reading his web site. We will not all get to see him in person.

So I stand corrected - His web site is one dimensional and negative...

You get my point --- A little more substance on the Web Site would improve his candidacy in my opinion.

Are we all going to see him? No. Are we are we more likely to view his web site? Yes.

Fine - Ignore the friendly advice…

I wish the followers would lead... With a voice so strong in would knock me to my knees...

SD is right

Campaign websites aren't going to give you all the information you want, but do you feel you can make a decision based on what you know? Have you decided if Robin Hayes, who voted to send our jobs away, is going to do a better job handling trade issues than Larry Kissell, who proposes to keep the jobs here?

The solutions will come in January if we can get our guys elected in November. Look at the positions and make your call. If you need more info, then make a point to go to a campaign event and ask or just call the Kissell office.

It is your responsibility as a citizen to find out what you need to know.

Scrutiny Hooligans - http://www.scrutinyhooligans.us

Email the campaign



They are very responsive and willing to engage in dialog...not just send form-letter responses.

Or post a question here

for Larry. He is a regular here. I am sure he or a member of his staff would respond to a specific question.

A Blue ribbon?

Each one of us could wear a blue ribbon....i would like to meet others on here!