Cal Cunningham for Senate FB Group Passes DSCC

A big milestone was reached over the weekend, as the Facebook group asking Cal Cunningham to run for US Senate gained more supporters than the DSCC has on its political page.

That is correct. At almost 700 members, Cal has more supporters on Facebook than the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee!

I know there are a lot of people here who believe that the DSCC will try and tell us who we should choose, but they understand the power of the grassroots to bring a lesser known candidate to the top. I know that this level of support this early will help show them that Cal is a great candidate worth their support.

Many of you have already said that you are supporting him, likely because you have met him or because you have read his biography. But now is the time to continue what we have started. We have a very real chance to replace Richard Burr with a young, talented, honest, and qualified veteran. That is a chance I don't want to miss out on.

Yes We Can!

Cal Cunningham,Anbar,Iraq,US Senate

Cal Cunningham in front of a Police Station in City of Hit, Anbar Province, Iraq.


Not a bad idea

I guess it didn't occur to me to just ask him what he thinks. =p

But I just sent him a message, I'll let you know when he responds.

No Reply from Cal in a week

I tried sending him a message as was suggest, but I'm not too hopeful I'll get a response.

And I fully understand the weighing a senate run requires a lot of time, research, & thought which may not provide time to respond to people's questions, and I have nothing but good-will directed towards any solid democrat who is considering throwing their hat into the ring of this senate race.

I hold more values on the democratic platform than the republican one, and based on what little I know about their records alone at this point if it came down to a vote between Burr & Cal, Cal would have my vote, but if a candidate wants to get me really engaged they have to be more pro-equality than their opponent. Being pro-equality (& I don't mean full blown marriage equality, but at least something like being anti-dadt or for the repeal of DOMA, or something) isn't a single issue voting requirement for me by any means, but it is an important piece of the puzzle. It can make the difference between whether I just vote for someone, or whether I donate time & money to a campaign. At this point it is the difference between me joining his facebook group along with inviting about 600 people to it.

I think being an army lawyer & politician he has to have considered DADT & have at least some well-grounded thoughts on it, and I think as a campaign issue it could be a winning one for him because Burr couldn't attack him on it without constantly highlighting his own lack of military experience.

Well, if anyone does hear an answer, let me know.

Cal for Congress Plan B

Peace Voter 2010 is looking to unseat Sen. Burr and 5th Dist. Rep Virginia Foxx as our primary objectives. Cal Cunningham could be a great challenger in either race.

Foxx is considered one of 40 pro-war Congressional representatives who narrowly won re-elelection in 2008, and is ripe for unseating in 2010.

Over the the last two election cycles we have unseated Charles Taylor (RNC-11), Robin Hayes (RNC-08), Senator Dole and turned NC Blue for Obama.

Let's press on to unseat Burr and Foxx in 2010.

John Heuer


Virginia Foxx is a Republican Congresswoman from the 5th Congressional District of North Carolina. After her comments about Matthew Shepard, it's time to make sure North Carolina gets a better Representative. It's time to Fire Foxx.


In 2008 Foxx beat Carter by 16.5%

That is not what I call narrow, although it was a great race by Carter.

"Keep the Faith"

Yeah, we kind of got stomped

And I wouldn't throw away anybody I liked on that stinker of a district.

Not to hijack the thread but

Not to hijack the thread but I think we've got to put the right candidate out there and take advantage of Mrs.Foxx's continued mistakes. Very tough district but we've got to run the right horse. If that person can't relate (see "flip" a few) to the West Forsyth County conservative crowd (i.e. highly educated and upper middle class to wealthy) then there is no hope. While I loved Roy's spirit, that group was not going to flip and vote for him....didn't smell right to them AND he was a "liberal dem".

Thanks for your work for the cause, Frank. I'm not going to pump the guy but I think you ought to look again at the gentlemen (Hanes) mentioned on the prior Cunningham polling post. Seems like he may have the goods. And as another poster mentioned, how many "looks good" candidates are out there who just need the right push....are they the candidate we're looking for?


I'm crazy about Ed Hanes

And he should wait until after redistricting. Hell, he might find himself in a totally new Congressional district (or one of Forsyth County's newly competitive State House districts (hint, hint)! In four years he could run for mayor of Winston-Salem with Allen Joines blessing! He's an absolute shoe-in for school board next year. But the 5th District at present is not a forward looking bunch. Bluntly, it's 90 percent white and overwhelmingly Republican. Ed is many things, but white and republican are two things he is-- to his great credit--not.

I consider myself one of the great Foxx fighters... and I've honestly decided to just wait her (and her impossible district) out.

2008 NC 5th District Race

16.5% victory margin for Foxx in '08! I'll have to question my friend's definition of "narrow victory." Still, let's not give up on the 40+% who voted for Coach Carter. They deserve our encouragement and support.

Foxx got a "pass" in the '08 race from NC progressives working for other candidates. We can unseat her in 2010. Burr, too.

John Heuer

Cunningham supporters: the DSCC's largest FB constituency

Here's the message I just sent to the Facebook group:

Congratulations, group! The Cal Cunningham for Senate 2010 group has reached 700 members! As of this writing, there are 701 of us in the Facebook community who are encouraging Cal to run for the Democratic nomination for Senate and who are committed to turning our numbers into an exponentially larger number of real votes!

That also means that at some point during the day, we surpassed the Democratic Senate Congressional Committee's (DSCC) Facebook membership of 690.

In the spirit of cooperation with our friends in Washington, I'd like every single one of Cal's supporters to join the DSCC's Facebook group...and while you're at it, leave a comment letting them know what a huge groundswell a Cunningham campaign would create here in North Carolina!

Together, we can make Cal's supporters the largest constituency in the DSCC (at least here on FB)! And with their support, we can put Cal over the top here in NC!

I was impressed with CC when

I was impressed with CC when he spoke at our county convention. I'd like to know more about his positions on the issue before I jump in to support anyone in particular. I hope his views will appeal to the moderate voters that will decide the general election. Are there position statements available?

I'm a moderate Democrat.