Cafateria Crybabies?

After two days of being unable to post followed by a day back home with no internets (Damn You MebTel!), I'd hoped to return with a doozy of a post. You know, something to change NC politics for years to come. But something in today's N&O really stood out, and I can't keep my big mouth shut.

NC cafeterias (you know, K&W, C&H, etc.) claim that the state's health department is unfairly putting the squeeze on them:

There's disagreement on whether food on a serving line is being "held," "prepared" or "served." Under food service rules, food must be kept at certain temperatures except when being served or prepared.

"Historically, food on cafeteria serving lines has been considered to be in preparation and serving and not subject to time or temperature control," the cafeterias argued. Lately, however, the cafeterias have been penalized in sanitation reports.

So wait, the liver'n'gravy that's sitting there waiting for some codger to mistake it for food has been treated as though it were still under the chef's supervision? Or already on my plate? And because of that it's been allowed to deviate from safe temperatures without citation?

Cafaterias: you might just want to start keeping the food on the line in a condition that's, you know, safe or something.

I can sympathize with the cafeterias' claim that enforcement seems to have gone an unofficial policy shift, but it sure sounds like a shift for the better to me.


....but Lance...

this will change the face of politics for ever.

Glad you're back and sorry we missed you last night. Check out my post on "family". BlueNC was represented by 11 bloggers/commenters. Pretty awesome, eh?

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I was just reading that,

and it is awesome! Thanks very much for the pictures!