Business likes solar

It's not just wind energy getting a boost in North Carolina.

The leadership at NCGA may not care for sustainable energy, but business really likes solar power. Solar power saves money and that has a direct impact on the bottom line. Target Stores like solar so much they are planning to add solar to their stores' rooftops.

Triangle Business Journal is reporting:

Target Corp. plans to have rooftop solar projects on as many as 30 stores in North Carolina by the end of the year, according to information from the company and filings with N.C. regulators.

The retailer’s investment in solar across the state could reach close to $24 million, based on the costs of projects Target (NYSE:TGT) has proposed.
Plans for 19 projects are already on file with the N.C. Utilities Commission. Construction will begin soon, says Target spokeswoman Angie Thompson.

The 19 installations will have a capacity of 7.8 megawatts. Most of them will be on line by early September, according to the filings.
“Our hope is to complete installations in 25 to 30 stores in North Carolina this year,” Thompson says. “Our installations in North Carolina are helping us to reach our stated goal of having 250 stores with rooftop solar by 2016 and 500 by 2020.”