Bush's inappropriate Groping

Simply hilarious:





Sorry I have been awol recently, but this whole two day examination on 22 subjects of law that will determine the rest of my career thing is a bit intense. I will be back around sometime late next week. I see that I will have a ton to catch up on. And I will have a month of free time to do it in.

I saw this and thought

Oh my god. What a stupid fucking fratboy. She looked totally creeped out by his slimy hands.

Closed captioning

for Merkel:

Ewww! Get off me!

Wonder if Laura

will be moving out of the wh again in "protest"! Think Condi is jealous?

Nah. Condi's glad

she gave Merkel the beat down in the ladies room so the fair Chancellor knew enough to rebuke the randy preznit's big move.

(now excuse me while I go barf from tortuous visions of the condi/bush/merkel love triangle)

Jon Stewart said

that Merkel's looked like a move from a date rape prevention class.


probably explained this a million times, please once more...

what does your tag "esse quam videri" mean?

It's from the State Seal

and it means "to be rather than to seem." I think it's handy (especially on the internet) to have a constant reminder around to be honest.

I think it's from a Rush song. :)

Why Togas

I want to know why they are wearing togas. Also, why are there the roman themes in the state capital. Is there some connection between ancient Rome and modern North Carolina that I do not know about?

And I was using hilarious in the OMG, what the hell is going on sense. Not hilarious in the try this at home to get a laugh next time you are in a room with a sitting head of state.

To be rather than be seen

Those aren't togas, they're curtains. Hasn't anyone seen Gone With the Wind?

Gone with the wind

and Carol Burnett

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You know...i've really never studied the seal

But now that you put it up, do you know what all the symbols are for? The cornucopia for abundance....? The ocean and the mountains and everything in-between. The tall ship? The two women? What are they holding?

Click the seal

...and all will be revealed :)


That's not even funny. He wouldn't do that to a man. How fucking condescending. What an absolute asswipe. He has no manners whatsoever. I guess I just keep expecting that he will act like he has some sense. He never does.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Without detracting from any other point you make,

I disagree. He does inappropriately touch other men all the time, except it's the head and not the shoulders. But it isn't funny. It is condescending. He is an asswipe. He has no manners. He acts a fool. I agree with all of that.

Of course, he's still way behing Vlad "baby-licking" Putin in the skeeze warz.

Didn't W. just

call some guy honey? And not in a "thanks, honey" way but in a "you're sweet as honey" kind of way. Ew.

I think I caught that on the transcript of his chewing-with-his-mouth-open, curse-laden, inadvertantly-caught-on-mic conversation with Tony Blair.

Groping for words

Would that make it Bush's appropriate groping or is that the description of his speaking style?