Bush/Cheney administration attempted to throw out the constitution.

Dick Cheney admits that the administration was attempting to disregard the Constitution. Also claims that the executive has absolute power over the people but does not have power to fix economy.

In an interview with John King, Dick Cheney quotes memos written y the justice department that say that the resident has the right to disregard freedom of speech, freedom of the press, unlawful search and seizure, and the majority of the Constitution.

Bush and Cheney asked the justice department to help them justify Bush becoming a dictator.

BTW: The memo's were written by a justice department employee named John C Yoo. In case you are not aware, this is the same guy who said that if it would help the war on terror, a young child could be picked of the street and his testicles could be squeezed in a vise.

This to me is more then enough evidence that Bush was attempting to become the Supreme Ruler of America, the President for life if you will. The dictator.

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