Is Bush Ready To Make Nice? (political cartoon)

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I have blogged about the Dixie Chicks before (here) and maybe this will be the final chapter in the long story of the Dixie Chicks going up against George W. Bush. I doubt it though. Bush still has plenty of stupid left in him and shows no sign of slowing down the expression of it.

The positive side of this is America seems to be waking up, too slowly for my taste, but waking up none the less. The big win for the Chicks last night kind of shows that. And to top it off, the big winner of the night is an anti-war COUNTRY album. Go figure.

I liked the Chicks before the controversy erupted, but never enough to go buy an album. But I did pony up for their latest - the object of Grammy Love - Taking The Long Way and it is a truly great work.

Even though it only won five Grammy's, er Middle Fingers, there are at least four more middle fingers left on the record for your listening pleasure.


Golden Middle Finger Award

Good one Storm, Perhaps we should start our own award system here at the Blue!

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Nicely done! Don't you just love those artist types!

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