Bush, The Protector (political cartoon)

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Bush recently declared we are "far from being defeated," thus proving time travel is possible since Bush is obviously living in December of 2004. Because I believe, somewhere in 2005, we lost the war. Utterly lost it.

And it wasn't the fault of the troops on the ground, but the idiots inside the beltway, or rather, the idiots in the West Wing.

If Bush could do us the courtesy of living in the present, he might be interested in what the top commander for US forces in the Middle East, General John Abizaid, told Congress. He believes while a troop increase of 20,000 could have a short-term positive effect, it could not be sustained because the Army and the Marine Corps were simply stretched too thin to maintain a bigger force there.

Yeah, that sounds like we are winning. Hands down even!

Hell, I bet Iraqis are throwing flowers to our soldiers and a jubilee of peace is breaking out all over the Middle East due to Bush's "convictions."

The reality of it is, Bush cannot protect us from terrorism. He didn't on 9-11 and he is not doing it now.

You cannot defeat terrorism by not embracing reality.

From Express India:

There have been many forms of terrorism in the world and Islamic terrorism (used in a sense different from Muslim) was a new and successful form. “In the past, there have been many forms of terrorism. For instance, Europe and America has seen more than 40 anarchists over the 20th century. We have also seen terrorist forms of Communism. If we de-fang the terrorist ideologies of new terrorism, like separating it from its religious overtones, we will be able to fight it.’’

The solution, Desai suggests, for one of the most conflicted areas in the world — Israel and Palestine — is to encourage a multi-cultural society. “Allowing multi-cultural society is what Europe has done. France and Germany were at war for at least a century, but European countries have given way for the European Union. This is what Israel and Palestine should also do.’’

You would have thought killing 600,000 innocent Iraqis might not be the answer?