Bush Impeached!

April fools. There are so many things I could have joked about. Black resigning. Taylor telling the truthHayes apologizing for selling out. But I figured to go for the big one. Unfortunately, the joke's on us. But remember, it's now seven months till November. Seven months till subpoena power.

April Fool's Open Thread. Jump in.



I was holding hot coffee! :)


I was hoping that would happen. I think I'll pin that to the top for awhile and make it an open thread. (I love open threads.)

All I had to do is see who had written it

I knew to put my coffee down! LOL

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Mark your calendars

I know it's early, but I need to put you on notice. Jane and I have a July 4th Party every year, so if you happen to be anywhere in the eastern half of the US, you have to come.

I'm thinking this year it should have a theme of North Carolina Blue. A Blue Party!


PS I know you'll be busy with other events, but I'm still going to work on you.

If I come I'm dropping my husband off

with his wingnut friends in Hillsborough first. We usually go to Charleston, but aren't traveling this year due to housebuilding/selling shtuff.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

He would be outnumbered.

By a bunch of old Chapel Hill hippies. But the lake swimming is very, very good. That may be enough to tempt him.

Plus tons of kids.

The Republicans

know how much they have to fear from the subpoena power. They're using it to fire up their base for November, and I just read a post on a right-wing NC blog that tried to turn this post into a broader scare story about Democrats. What does it say about a party that their rallying cry is "don't force us to tell the truth!"

I thought conservatives

were all about competence and integrity. They sure talk a mean game anyway. But you can't ensure either without accountability. And that's not something they're interested in.