Bush Has Nothing to Bragg About

Hi, Blue NC. I hope everyone is having a great holiday. Today, I posted the following blog entry on MyDD and I wanted to share it with you.

One year ago, I welcomed President Bush to Fort Bragg – located in my home county – with a list of questions that I hoped he would answer about his Administration’s mismanagement of the war in Iraq.

Every question I asked last year has gone unanswered—not to me, but to our men and women he sent into harm’s way and to the American people whose trust he has broken. Read for yourself.

This Independence Day, President Bush is again at Fort Bragg. Once again, it appears that he is just coming for another photo opportunity. He owes our troops much more.

When Bush looks our brave men and women at Fort Bragg in the eyes, he should be able to tell them he has a plan for Iraq and not continued incompetence. Instead of offering his usual empty rhetoric, it is time for the President to provide our soldiers and the American people with a plan that offers benchmarks for success, so we can determine progress on the ground and begin to redeploy our troops.

Stay the course is not a plan. Democrats, America's Generals (including General Casey), and the Iraqis agree it is time to change course in Iraq and begin the phased redeployment of U.S. troops. The American people want accountability, they want oversight, and they want a real plan for Iraq. Faced with new and growing threats around the world that must be addressed, it is time for a new

Odds are, we won’t hear that from the President this Independence Day. We’ll hear the now familiar cry to fight terrorism and support the troops. But, you won’t hear anything about Osama Bin Ladin. You won’t hear anything about the countless new veterans who come home to find that they can’t get adequate healthcare – particularly mental health care – because of under-funding of the Veteran’s Administration. You won’t hear anything about the Democrats’ battle in Washington to increase pay for soldiers and their families, to provide adequate armor, or to beef-up America’s homeland security through better funding of the nation’s first-responders.

Independence Day is a day for us all to reflect on what we stand for as a nation and what it means to be an American. Our armed forces deserve our respect and support. We owe them more than empty rhetoric.

And their Commander in Chief owes them more than another photo op.

Jerry Meek is Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party.


Piling on

Here's a reprise of the first diary I had recommended at Daily Kos last year.

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Dear George.

Your Veteran's Day speech - of all days - once again proved that you don't know jack shit about the military and the needs of men and women in uniform. You've taking a sacred occasion and turned it into a political soapbox to cover your chickenhawk ass. You are a coward.

And it's no wonder. While serious people with real commitments were out fighting for this country honorably, you were hiding out, a liar and a deserter. You drank and snorted your way through a cushy-ass TANG assignment with your blue-blood daddy paying off conspirators to cover your crimes. While the rest of us grew into responsible adults, you slid along like always, spending other people's money and passing the buck. You never learned the truth about leadership. It's all a game to you.

Now in Iraq you're spending other people's lives. That's right, Georgie Boy. OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES. Do you understand what an embarrassment you are to real veterans? Do you understand what a blight your administration is to honest, hard-working military professionals all over the world? Do you understand anything besides how to shuck and jive and blame somebody else for your gross incompetence?

If you were an honorable man, you'd resign from office and apologize to the world. But we know you are not an honorable man.



Thanks for stopping by. It's great to see the state party maintain an online presence not only here at BlueNC but via email and a kick ass website. You've seen the netroots turn out for Larry Kissell and Brad Miller, and it's good to know that the Party is willing to both take notice and participate.

Bush's war stance is well known and it's important we keep reminding folks of the mistakes Bush has made.

I'd also like to see the Party focus on what Democrats plan to do differently - aside from redeployment I mean.

Democrats will work to restore international relationships wrecked by the Bush administration's arrogance and unilateralism.

Democrats will work to bag Osama.

Democrats will finish the job in Afghanistan.

Democrats will marshall the international will we saw during the Persian Gulf War to bear on the terrorist organizations.

Democrats will restore the idea that we ought to be seeking an eventual peace rather than perpetual war.

Democrats will emphasize cooperation with our historical allies rather than intimidation.

The list, of course, could go on and on.

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The list might go on

but I'd stop there. Any three of these ideas are ten times smarter than what's already going on.

What's going on is the arrogant defense of a gross error in judgment.

Keep Up the Good Work Jerry

I get sick every time Bush uses our state as a photo op.