Bush and the Sound of Silence

On Thursday of this week President George W. Bush is coming to Charlotte to sound the drum beat for his war on terror. What are we hearing in Charlotte from Republicans who typically line up to rub nuts with Bushie? Pleasantly enough, not a damned thing. If you visit the web site for the Mecklenburg County Republican Party, you will see their rundown of judges but NOTHING (until they get a ping from this link) on the President's pending visit.

While it required a huge dose of antacid, I even braved a visit to the North Carolina Republican Party Web site. Not.A.Word. Shhhh! Let's not tell them. Maybe nobody will show. Then again, maybe that's the plan. Maybe even North Carolina Republicans have figured out Bush is toxic.

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In The Charlotte Observer, there is this paragraph which followed the first announcement of the speech on Friday. It's Tuesday and there is still no further announcement about the details of where the President will speak. How will loyal wingnuts find their beloved leader? I doubt they'll be invited to.

This sounds like maybe the Pres has decided to opt out of the tougher open-mike-night type speeches he's been having of late and will speak to a staged audience. Maybe he won't really travel into Charlotte and will simply land and speak from the Air National Guard facility near the airport. Who knows? Who cares?


Protest Planned

Proud to say the MCDP web site is current. Not only is there information on Howard Dean's visit on April 28th, there is new info today on peaceful protests to Bush's visit. My guess is they may have to replan protests once the speech location is announced. There may be some "free speech zone" compliance issues depending on where Bush speaks.

Protest plans found here.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

He did the same thing when he came to Kernersville

No press reports on the trip until the day of (I blogged about it before but am too lazy to find the link now). Obviously they feel that not giving out details is the best political move.

Love your last question.

Who cares?

I'm so disgusted with George Bush that I wouldn't even cross the street to spit on him.