Burr's cluelessness on national security

Lot's of complaints, but only vague solutions:

Burr said he wasn't suggesting that thousands of U.S. armed forces be sent to fight the terror groups, but rather that trust must be rebuilt among U.S. allies in the region surrounding places such as Syria and Iraq, where the Islamic State is strong.

"Let's prosecute the war against terrorism, and let's leverage not just the Kurds but everybody in the Middle East that has the potential for boots on the ground and change the landscape," he said.

Translated: "My benefactors in the Military Industrial Complex have been hounding me to increase the flow of weapons and equipment they have manufactured in anticipation of their successful destabilization of the Middle East, but the President and other worry-warts are trying to overthink the situation." Burr can't get it through his rock-head that just because somebody is our "ally," it doesn't mean they are friends with our other allies. There are at least two "fronts" facing the Kurds: ISIS *and* Turkey, the latter being one of our allies we have exerted a great deal of effort to retain. If we arm the Kurds heavily (we have already given them anti-tank weapons, vehicles, etc.) and the PKK in the mountains of Turkey end up using said arms, our alliance with Turkey is over. Along with a big chunk of our ability to exert influence in the region. (open diary to see map of historic and likely ISIS (or ISIL) proposed borders of The Levant)

ISIS/ISIL currently controls large areas that were not part of the original Levant, but speculation they will be satisfied with anything less than the entire coastal area above is wishful thinking.



To say the situation is complex

is a vast understatement. The creation of ISIS is a direct result of the US invasion of Iraq, but that was merely the first in a long line of mistakes that have led to the current state of affairs.


Every time I hear him opine about matters of national security, I shake my head in disgust and puzzlement. Clueless doesn't even begin to describe him.