Burr stumping again for his ACA alternative

Senator Richard Burr (R-Land of Make Believe) is on the stump again flogging the dead horse of the ACA alternative proposed by he and some other Republican Senators and backed by the Koch stinktank machine.

Meanwhile, with all the actors and misleading stories used in ads to bash the Affordable Care Act, Mother Jones wonders if anyone is actually being harmed by the law.

Will any media outlet actually challenge Burr to produce a fully documented case of someone being harmed by the ACA that can stand up to scrutiny?

Save yourself the trouble listening to Burr's nonsense - you can hear the same tired arguments from Ronald Reagan in this broken record the ac-tor, professional paid pitchman and future Plastic President made for the American Medical Association about socialized medicine back in the 1961. Just substitute the word "Obama" for "Truman" and "Kennedy".

Or, check this clip of Reagan's big break in the movies where he asks "Where's the rest of me?!?!" With Burr's ACA alternative, his character would be saying "Where's my insurance?!?!"