With Burr, it's either "do nothing" or pay-to-play politics


Brings new meaning to the term, "Open For Business":

Chesapeake Energy, Devon Energy, Loews Corp. Waste Management Inc., Transocean Ltd., and Nucor Corp. are all companies that Burr held stock in while these companies were lobbying for several energy and regulatory bills being debated in Congress that Burr cosponsored. Combined, these six companies spent over $42 million lobbying Congress and the federal Government over the same time period.

Four of these companies - Chesapeake Energy, Devon Energy, Loews Corp., and Waste Management Inc. - also contributed $22,500 to Burr’s PAC’s between 2010 and 2016. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the oil and gas industry alone has donated over $380,000 to Burr’s PACs between 2003 and 2016.

And now the fossil fuel industry, thanks to the horrifically un-Democratic Citizens United decision, is once again coming to Burr's rescue with an $8+ million ad buy. Which begs (on hands and knees) the question: How can NC voters bring themselves to vote for a man who has so blatantly sold himself to special interests?



It's sad

that so many low-information NC voters—most of whom work hard, scrimp and save, and often struggle to get by—will still vote for this pathetic waste of human flesh because they actually think he has their best interests at heart rather than his own.