Burr has earned his defeat

Richard Burr is best known for pushing bad security legislation. It has earned him widespread contempt because it would expose us all to harm without making anyone safer.

That record argues against his re-election to the U.S. Senate, and he is losing. His desperation is evident in his ads smearing his opponent, Deborah Ross.

Ross is gaining ground and though Burr may still be leading (poll results vary), not for long.

He has wed himself to Donald Trump's sexual predation, thus earning the disdain of the ever conservative George Will:

For example, Sen. Richard Burr, a North Carolinian seeking a third term, represents a kind of Republican judiciousness regarding Trump. Having heard the tape and seen Trump’s “apology” (Trump said, essentially: My naughty locker-room banter is better than Bill Clinton’s behavior), Burr solemnly said: “I am going to watch his level of contrition over the next few days to determine my level of support.” North Carolinians will watch with bated breath as Burr, measuring with a moral micrometer, carefully calibrates how to adjust his support to Trump’s unfolding repentance. Burr, who is chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, has not received this nugget of intelligence: Contrition is not in Trump’s repertoire. Why should it be? His appetites, like his factoids, are self-legitimizing.

Trump's "apology that wasn't" satisfied the credulous Burr. As if personal forgiveness were actually the issue, Burr says he has "forgiven Trump. Never mind Trump's assault on democracy itself, saying that if elected he would jail Hillary. Burr is going down with Trump's ship.

As he should.




Thanks for posting this. When I read yesterday that he (and Feinstein (ugh)) joined forces to undermine privacy, it made me sick to my stomach. How any freedom loving Republican can vote for this scumbag is impossible for me to understand.

Re Burr

When he and Feinstein began, I was surprised by their apparent laziness. Encryption is a well-researched as a matter of policy and the key papers are readily available. They had already had years to acquaint themselves with the issues. Yet they brought forth a draft version of a bill which suggested overarching ignorance. Inexcusable.

He will pay for that "forgiven" comment

It's obvious to everybody (even R's) Burr has no business forgiving the assaults and insults to women. Burr was not the victim of Trump's misogyny, but he will be the victim of his own cluelessness.