Burr Finally Against OLF

In Case anyone missed it, WRAL TV just reported that Senator Richard Burr has finally come out against the proposed OLF in Washington County. The following is from the WRAL website:

RALEIGH, N.C. — Sen. Richard Burr said Monday he opposes the Navy's plan to build a practice landing field for jet fighters near a wildlife refuge in eastern North Carolina.

In a letter to Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter, Burr said the Navy's preferred site in Washington and Beaufort counties for the outlying landing field, or OLF, would be an "untenable proposition."

Attached to the letter was a nearly two-page list of concerns in which Burr, R-North Carolina, said the proposed site would be detrimental to the environment, would negatively impact the local economy and could threaten the safety of military pilots.

Burr's letter comes after the conclusion of a series of public hearings in eastern North Carolina on the issue.

"It is clear to me that there is insurmountable and growing opposition to the Washington County site, which compels me to reject Site C as the Navy's preferred location for the OLF," Burr wrote.

Burr also expressed pessimism over finding an acceptable agreement on the location for the airstrip.

"It has become apparent to me that a solution is as far from being reached today as it ever has been," Burr wrote.


Good job everyone

Seems our jr. senator has finally heard the voices of his constituents and realized they ain't happy!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Hot Damn! A mobile landing field?

Burr also expressed pessimism over finding an acceptable agreement on the location for the airstrip.* Senator At Lost

Dear Senator!

I have a used Aircraft Carrier from the former Soviet Union. It is base in Havana, but needs some repairs like a new steel deck and other small repairs like a new nuclar engine. The "Si Amigo Dostoyevshky" can be to floated to Wimington and park next to the US Battleship North Carolina which is on display. This would make a great investment, tourists could paid only one price for the show of the F-18's doing the touch and go landing on the Dostoyevshky.

The lower deck could be made into a Motel6 and MacDonalds could lease space in the Hanging Deck.

I will let it go for only 4.4 million dollars in American Gold coins. If you are interested, please contact Baghdad Bob at the Havana Hilton room June 26 th revolution suite.

Yours for used yachts in the 21 st century of greed and torture,


ps...Don't worry about the zoning of the ship in Wilmington, I have consulted with the former Republican commissoner and he assure me there would not be a problem.

Deal or No Deal Senator?

Too funny, Max!*CD

You think that is funny, wait until Senator Burr gets another deal from Baghdad Bob.

Dear Senator Burr!

Do we have a deal or not? I have decided to toss in another bonus for you in order to get your political ass out trouble with the voters of North Carolina.

I will name the Carrier " The Rear End Admiral Burr" since you and Liddy always bring up the ass end of politics in North Carolina.

Yours for better Swamp Water Republican monsters in Bladeboro County

Conrad Bob

Better late than never

but not by much.

Dole and Burr are scrambling to get on the train. They could have been in the locomotive, but now they're in the caboose. Barely.

Way to overstep your bounds Senator

You already told us you had no power to change anything in this fight. Now you are "trying" to "stop" it. A flip flop in less than a month. Very impressive.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

Hey Blue

Did someone send him a copy of the Constitution? Or maybe one of his staffers walked into his office and said,"ahem...Mr. Burr, you do have oversight responsiblilities...."

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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I think you owe me a new keyboard. Diet pepsi and snark do not mix.



"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi


Ditto! LMAO, cleaning my keyboard!

His new slogan

Richard Burr: Eventually things become "apparent" to him. Eventually.


So what is Dole doing then? Is she hoping the issue will go away, or will she follow junior's lead?

No Mr. Burr

There are 4 catagories of concerns, the 4th is this OLF is not needed and the Navy has never proven a need for it.

For all the reasons you stated, plus all the ones you did not state but where abundently demonstrated by the folks at all the puplic hearings, this NEPA process has not followed the law as you have requested and you stating NO OLF to site C reaffirms that.

Take the next big step and state that the Navy has not performed an adiquite study and never will perform that study and say no to this entire project.

If they willingly state that they can fly around site C with no problems when its proven they cannot, what else about this study follows that line of thought?

Again, I ask you to read page 12-1 of the FEIS and remember that Alternative 6 IS THE UNDISPUTABLE alternative being utilized. What does that page state for Alternative 6? A second OLF is not REQUIRED... So why are we here now? This is the only thing this entire process has proven.

I recommend that you join forces with Sen. Dole and encourage the Navy to fix the encroachment issues around Fentress and Oceana first and stay out of North Carolina.


Stop the process once and for all...North Carolinians should have a voice concerning locations for an OLF within state borders.
Burr's coming out is a major step in the right direction.
I was starting to think he didn't know how to read.

I'm glad he finally saw the light.

The light I think he saw was coming thru the door of his office...and in the swirl of dust particles he saw a vision of his happy ass walking out thru the door...forever in 2010. He was finally FORCED to take a stand.

SE NC Dems

Stan Bozarth

The Burrboy has written

a fairly strong letter. Although the folks living near the other four potential OLF sites should be very anxious since no one has come out on their behalf.

All the citizens of North Carolina should be offered a blanket of protection until the OLF fiasco is rectified.

I agree with u susan

But I also feel that Mr. Burr has protected us with his comments happening today, vice in 3 months. What he is stating is that the Navy did not follow the laws, or the process, take ur pick, which the Navy is required to follow.

Thus maybe he is giving the Navy one more chance to do the right thing. Find a place in North Carolina that is acceptable to the local population, State representitives and the Navy for this want of an OLF or for the Navy to say we dont realy need this OLF.

I hope he is stating this, else your right susan, our mr. burr has just hung out the rest of the 4 sites, something he has been telling us he would not do, tell the Navy where they can or cannot build this OLF.

Now that the Navy is given

the chance to do the right thing. Do you think they will take it?

I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise streaming across the farm feilds. It struck my heart that this magnificant beautiful sight symbolized the abundantly radiant gift we have recieved by so many caring souls who want to protect this region for future generations.

You woke up to the Sunrise.....

And we came home last night watching the sunset (from my parent's house to ours). We rode to their house down 264, vearing off down 99 & 45. Came home down Old 97 & Hwy 32.....it is just breathtaking. I nearly cried more than once! I was telling my Dear Husband all the things I used to do as a teenager/child....Things I took for granted then. Things, sights, land....stuff I thought *everyone* grew up with. I now know everyone did not & does not know the beauty of, even now.

However, to stay on topic---I'm glad Mizter Burr realized it *is* his job to take care of us and the land of the state he represents.

I Grew Up Like That

Maybe that's why I can understand your pain.

From 300 acres down to 1. That's all I can afford. The deep, abiding love for the land and its stewardship - it's not something to be trifled with - it's much too important.

And you are correct; it is Senator Burr's job to represent the people of North Carolina. It's not his job to represent the Navy. They have enough of their own people for that. Too bad their so called 'scientists' aren't very good at being scientists.

TY Unique....

And didn't I read somewhere where one of the Biologists the Navy opted to use for the SEIS was from Sea World? (read: The only Biologist they could buy to say what they wanted worked at Sea World?)

*insert eye roll here*

Will The Navy Do the Right Thing?

That will depend, won't it?

Virginia doesn't want to give up its cash cow - it just doesn't want to deal with the 'by-products' of said cow ...

This planet of ours is not getting any bigger (guess what - it won't either)

If the Navy truly investigates a place where their facilities, equipment, and their mission is wanted - they'll have a much easier time finding a place to land.

Personally, I don't have a problem with jet noise when its at altitude (I rather like it) but screaming by my back door - not so much.

A sure bet is always a good thing to have....

Senator Burr stepping in, as though a Prince stepping from his Royal carriage, a servant holds his hand so as not to alight onto the ground so roughly...and as the crowd holds its bated breath, he stretches out his royal spector to bless the OLF resistance movement....And we all cheer for he is one of us....on our side...a true man of the people.... Brave beyond description and willing to stand against the winds of criticizem,....

Of course he only waited until every person in the whole wide world (I think even the Dali Lama) spoke out against the OLF and even after the Navy, all but throwing in the towel as well.... Senator Burr, standing above the fray and coming to the rescue of us little people...The crumbs from his table so richly blessing the humble masses who he rules...huh?...I mean serves...

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

All we have wanted since the beginning...

Uhhh,six years ago...is for state leadership to come together and work the OLF with the Navy.

What took them so long? Our political leaders have no idea how much anxiety the citizens of NE NC have had to endure.

We have been pounding the offices on both state and federal levels. We have called, emailed and have sent streams of letters chipping away bit by bit. And never once did we give up, even though we have heard a million and half times (from both the Navy and fellow citizens)we were fighting a lost cause.

But rest assure this issue is not over. We cannot let our guard down. The Navy has already started a PR campaign in our area. It is interesting how we recieve all kinds of nasty anti American comments, yet the brave people never sign their names.

I suppose they realize how out numbered they are, so they snip at us from behind their rocks.

Well, it wouldn't hurt my feelings

if Virginia Beach has to rectify their mess.

You are right about the support. It has taken ALL OF US to work the "process" and bring individual gifts to the cause. Whether it is a phone call, telling a neighbor, writing a letter, a donation, emails, public speaking, working a blog etc… We are extremely grateful to the judges, who by their mandate forced the Navy to continue the EIS study. The extra time has ultimately given us the window of opportunity to accumulate these gifts.

The OLF issue shows the American people the misuse of power and our desperate need for stronger laws to protect our rights as citizens. The Constitution allows military/government to take land for the common good. Well to date the military has land they are throwing away. i.e. Fort Pickett in VA is a perfect place for an OLF but the Navy said it would require some environmental clean up. Rather then spend money to take care of a mess it is much easier to take virgin land and start mucking it up from scratch.

Are you in my head?

I thought the same things this morning. We've worked for 6 years asking for this & now we finally got Mizster Burr's attention. I'd be scared to venture a guess at how much money we have all spent collectively, as a group, on gas, meals, trips, phone calls, emails, signs, paper, ink, and not to mention our time. However, I'm thankful for every moment. Thankful for every phone call & every meeting....every email and every person I've met. I would've never been as I know I would've never met them any other way.

Yeah your right!

we have worked so much together our brains...umm..could be trouble there...

Money.... that is actually quite laughable. Yes, we have emptied our wallets more than once, but compared to the Navy spending millions of dollars and the ACTS group in Cherry Point receiving over $150,000 from the state plus the other money they have put together to screw us, we haven't spent half that much. The people have taken money from their pockets to buy everything.

Being frugal folks we know how to squeeze a penny real hard.

You people are beautiful...

You represent the very best face of who we are as Americans.

In most societies on earth the populations all have uneasy distrust of their governments. We do to.

The difference is that we get to change, without violence, that in our govenment with which we disagree and are able to openly, and with great effect, change the directions our government decides to go in.

In doing so, we preserve the principle that the U.S. Government remains a servant and not a master of those who ensure it's continuation.


I am so proud of being associated with many of the BluNC brothers and sisters. Thanks for accepting me as one of your own. I mean it.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

The NoOLF goal is to...

win this fight lawfully. And we thank God we live in a country where it is still possible to fight a system that is trying to take our rights away.

We all truly believe that the basic principles and freedoms that are the foundation for the laws of our land are still very viable for all Americans. And the people in the OLF fight are very willing to lay their lives down to keep those freedoms viable.

Crack Me Up

(what do you think you are...)

Reminds me of that ol' ZZ Top song...'we're nationwide'...hmm..think I'll go snorkeling on YouTube. :)