Buncombe County Commission, Again

Just when you thought it was safe to ignore the imbeciles in charge of policy direction in Buncombe County, they go and do this.

Oh, sold some of the land which is part of the largest city public space project in a century? Well, as Gantt says heh, heh, "We screwed up." Oops. Sorry folks. Nothing to see here, we are working on making it right. Pay no attention to the man on the second floor of the court house.

Okay. So what happened? Apparently, the County Commissioners approved the sale of a "little bit" of the still-developing, ever-expanding in expense Pack Square Park to Stuart Coleman (Asheville Mall) for about half it's appraised price.

Well, no one told the Pack Square Authority it seems. Of course, as an "Authority" it seems to me they should have been on top of this bit of legislation, but that's just me demanding that people do their jobs. I digress.

For that matter, why did the city government miss this?

When they got caught, urhem, it became public, everyone was falling all over themselves to explain, and they are still in that mode.

Maybe they hope everyone will kill enough braincells at Bele Chere and forget?


Pretty pathetic

What's with these clowns? Is is just incompetence . . . or is it also corruption?

Well, I'm not so sure, Anglico or AsheVillein

Register of Deeds Otto DeBruhl is one of those behind-the-scenes good ole boys that seems to get in on every decision that should but doesn't include any rank-and-file Democrats. He is part of the group of men who exclude progressives (and a visiting Dennis Kucinich) from using the Buncombe County Dem HQ.

Perhaps he is a dithering idiiot but I've always wondered why that group of people is so nasty, so vengeful, so closed, so controlling. I had started to conclude that they were alienating so many people, they must have something to hide.

I'd like to see if the either bumbling or colluding commissioners can't get out of this or if they even want to.
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Folks like that are not "so nasty, so vengeful, so closed and so controlling because they have something to hide". They have something they want to protect. Power.

To refuse to allow a sitting US Congressman - Presidential Candidate or not - access to the Dem. HQ is unforgivable. In District 6, we had County Chairs refuse to US Congressional Candidates access to their HQ in the month before the election.

These old guys don't realize that if you are comfortable enough in your "power" to share access, you put across an image that is much more appealing to the average voter.

As for the "Whoopsie" sale of property in Asheville - is it even legal?

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Legal or not, it appears to be a done deal

The graphic above clearly shows Black Dog Realty as the owner of that parcel from the city's gis mapper.
This happened 7 months ago, it is only now coming out as, I think, they get permits and such.

Not only is this just feet from the park, and yards from city hall, the property sits on a hill (I know, in Asheville? A hill?) which will accentuate the 10-story building's height.


Here's the comment I left at Ashevillein's blog:

"David Young, who's stepping down from County Commission in 2008, told a Democrat at an event, "We really screwed that thing up, didn't we?" and "We're gonna try to make it right."

I think that someone gave these developers a sweetheart deal and that the rest of the commissioners didn't bother to notice."

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Don't you think, Screwy, that this has been planned all along.

Just my gut reaction . . . but those commissioners are up to their asses in shady crap. Meeting for two years with Progress Energy and ignoring any possibilities by the diesel plant PE wanted. And the two that didn't meet in secret (so it wasn't a quorum?) went along with the vote after only a half-hour of public comment when hundreds had waited hours to speak. Give me a break. It was all decided.

I mean, just look at this Carol Peterson video about how she "decided" to run for commissioner.

Tell me she doesn't jump when "they" tell her to jump.

I had meant to ask her who was in the group but was focused so much on the Progress Energy questions (which she avoided and evaded and avoided and giggled through) that I never got back to this one. My bad.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,


What the hell do you think?

This is city property being sold below market value on an inside deal?

No bids?

No 'by your leave'


How can you call it anything but what it is? CORRUPTION.

Who had the authority to do this? Who did it? Who signed the papers?

An illegal sale is not valid.