Building Sharpe Buzz

Virginia Foxx, Neo-Conservative

One thing Drew and I discussed is making October "Net-tober" - an effort to build the netroots for Roger Sharpe.

The goal is to increase donations and get Kos to start posting on sharpe. Kos only does that when the netroots gets involved.

That would be us.

Here is what we need to do - anything else you can think of, PLEASE add below.

1 - Diary every day on Daily Kos with the subject of Sharpe. Whatever you want to blog about, blog away. And hit those tags! You only get one diary entry per day on Kos so put it to good use. If you are blogging for another candidate, use the days you aren't blogging for your candidate to blog for Sharpe. Please, oh please, please, please.

2 - Hit those open threads! Chat up Sharpe in all the open threads on Kos and topical comment threads you can.

3 - Change your sig line to "Sharpe for Congress -"

4 - If you have a blog, blogroll those sites that are chatting up Sharpe.

5 - Feel free to use my graphics anywhere you wish!


This is what we did for Larry

It took months, but has been worth it. Also, you might want to get in good over at FDL. I used to visit every thread and chat, but haven't for months. Since Roger is one of their Blue America candidates he is more likely to get a few more donations out of that if someone is over there joining in the conversation. They don't take kindly to thread busters, though. Off topic is fine, but not just a drop in to ask for money....if you know what I mean.

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Recommend this to the front page.

I wrote a piece a few weeks ago about Fox's unashamed racism. WataugaWatch has a lot of great threads about local politics to spin into diaries.

Do you want someone representing North Carolina that...
1.Voted against relief for Katrina victims
2.Voted against renewing the 1965 voting rights act
3. called hispanics "sexual predators"
4. called the Arctic National WIldlife Refuge a "barren wasteland"
5. launched a criminal investigation into Appalachian State's nationally renowned freshman seminar program for...registering students to vote!
6. Iraq? No sign of trouble in Iraq!

Add to the list please. People need to know that Roger Sharpe is a great progressive and offers us a clear alternative to that neo-con witch.


Ironic that you use a religious epithet in a rant about how prejudiced and awful Virgina Foxx is. Subsitute the word ""jew" for the word "witch", and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's not appropriate.

If you mean "bitch", say "bitch". Unless Virgina Foxx practices an Earth-based spiritually known as Wicca, or something similar to it, please don't call her a "witch.

Thanks - back to your regularly scheduled politcal ranting.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi

Thanks lcloud.

The word witch often comes to mind when I think of Foxx, and I'd never thought of it as disparaging my friends in the Wiccan world. Very good point. I doubt Ms. Foxx practices Earth-based anything.


is that L Cloud, LC Loud, or something else? Just wonderin'.


It's L Cloud - but I can be pretty Loud, too, so either one will fit.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi

Thanks Storm Bear

For your work on trying to get the name out for Roger. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Roger told Foxx to her face the other week that we WILL WIN this election! To win this, however, we need your support.

Please help us getting Roger's strong message out to the people of our district! Whether this is utilizing your blogging talents or donating, we could use your help!

Drew Lumpkin
Campaign Manager
Sharpe for Congress

If we give money

do we have to stop saying good things about Roger and start being nice to the Bushbot he's running against?


Just kidding.




Why do you continue to lie about your contributions?

Getting money from politicians and talking about them is fine but GIVING money to politicians and talking about them is bad? Sigh.

"Keep the Faith"

Thanks Anglico

We truly appreciate your help!

And between me and you (and everyone else reading this) it is okay to donate to our campaign and disagree on some of our platforms. We can accept that!