Building a Campaign from the Ground up: When you close your eyes, do you dream about me?

Last night I dreamed that Sam, our Political Director, was going around the office asking if anyone was left-handed. I am, so I said so. Then he wandered off without explaining why he was looking for lefties. Then a couple of blond college students came into the office and wanted some info, so I gave them some photocopied handouts to share.

Then I woke up.

And went into the office, where Andrew promptly gave me a stack of envelopes to be hand-addressed. oooOOooooOOOOO, spooky! ;)

I am, in case you missed the ref in the blog post title, a child of the '80s. Here's a link to Night Ranger's Midnight Madness album that features the song "When You Close Your Eyes."

Anyway, today was quietly busy; there's some ick going around so not a lot of people in the office. I was addressing and stamping envelopes, and yesterday was data entry. This is my last week of being able to go in during the mornings; I wonder what the place is like in the evenings? Guess I'll find out soon enough. :)


The ick is going on everywhere

including my very own house . . .

Thanks for the update! Dreaming of Sam . . . interesting.

playing nurse nan to the ick household

My son is home again, taking a blessed afternoon nap, and both he and my husband have been feverish, still. I am well and plan to be at the campaign in the morning. I guess working on a campaign does filter into dreams, because I dreamed I was running for some local office in Alamance County. Since I don't live there,(I hardly ever GO there!) I had some creative reason for running for office - think I had a little cabin in the woods there or something.

Get well everyone..(and come help out the campaign if you can.)

And if you want to see a roof covered in solar panels(we had 14 installed at last count, and the guys are still at work out back) email me. They are the bright spot in our flu season!


I'm trying not to analyze it too much, other than the obvious connection between "liberal" and "left." :) Sorry you're down with the ick, too!


on the Night Ranger reference. An under-appreciated hair band. At least 50% of my class at East Bumblefart High School in upstate NY used Sister Christian as a post-Prom soundtrack to... well, you know. Ahem.

Love these updates, by the way. I am volunteering for a campaign (Dellinger) for the first time, too, and have enjoyed reading your updates.


Dunno if you ever read John Scalzi, but he did a great piece on that other quintessential '80s band (at least IME), Journey, here:

There's an entire generation of white 22-to-25-year olds walking around today whose moment of conception is largely coincident to the second chorus of "Open Arms." These people will be driving along with their moms, that song will come on that radio, their moms will get a small, wistful smile, and these people will spend the next three minutes, nineteen seconds uncontrollably shuddering.

If I weren't childfree, my hypothetical kids would be in that above group. ;)

Hadn't heard of Scalzi, but

love the blog. Subscribe! Thanks for the tip.

My hypothetical kids would no doubt be coincident to "Cold November Rain", "Sweet Child of Mine" (pun intended), and "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and auto-reverse on the old boom box.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.