Bringing Down the Hammer of God (on BoA)

Well today turned to shit around the time the mail arrived. It was not a particularly grand day or bad day, just a regular day. I was looking forward to a light travel week, so's I saunter out to the mailbox to see what crap the great bird shat today, and I was not disappointed.

You see, the wife and I have been pretty loyal BoA customers, they did us a solid on our honeymoon, and up until we took out a loan last year, it was a mutually beneficial relationship. Fast forward to last week.

We (I mean that in the way that my wife) uses bill pay (they send you an e-bill and take the money out of your account au-to-mat-ic-ally) to pay all of our bills. It really is a wonder of wonders. Anyway, BoA doesn't send the bill, so it does not get taken out of our account (i.e. not paid), and we get a LATE PAYMENT notice (my wife had already seen it and was working with BoA to correct the issue). And we all remember the bankruptcy, credit card fleecing bill supported by Joe Biden D-MBNA, and all the rest of those ass-clowns in Congress.

Well BoA (which if anyone works there, please forgive this rant) said "ooops, our bad, we'll clear that and scrub your record, trust us".

Do you know what happens when you miss a payment? I see a hand in the back, yes, you, the guy in the field jacket.

Veteran John Doe: Everyone gets to take your APR and JACK that fucker through the roof!

That's right! Give that man a doughnut (that'll be $1.00 please)

Well today we got a letter (actually two letters, we have two accounts with them) informing us that our interest rates, effective March 1, 2007 will be increased, from, get this, 12.75% (fixed, or used to be) to, drum roll, 26.99%! Same with the other.

See they fuck up, the wife and I get the shaft. You see even though this is not of our doing, we still get boned. Welcome to America, leave your shit at the door and come on in.

Now, I was not going to sit back and take this shit, ab-so-fucking-lutely not! I called the number on the letter, waited on hold for about 10-15 minutes, which is not out of the norm for these clowns. Any-who, when I finally got to talk to someone, I was calm, and polite as possible under the circumstance. The first person I talked with, couldn;t help me, because she did not show that the account was past due (interesting development here). I proceeded to inquire as to why my interest rate rose faster than an empty elevator. She had to transfer me to the "interest department"(?). So I get this clown on the hooks and he's telling me that the reason given for my rate increase is that my credit score had fallen, yet he would not tell me by how much. I asked him what the minimum criteria was (700, 720, 650, what could it be?) and he
would not tell me what the criteria was. WTF? Is that shit a state secret? By now I was rightously pissed, so I informed him (in probably what was the best commanding voice I've used since I got out) that he did not want to mess around with me on this, because I live in Charlotte, and I would contact all the local media who would listen and then I would "bring down the Hammer of God" on BoA. Apparently it worked, he said "one moment sir" came back and said that based on my credit history (WTF?) that my rates would not change. The kicker: He could not tell me what my "new" interest rate would be, nor would he issue any documentation of our conversation.

That the end of the rant. Jesus, that was cathartic. Oh and if you want to read my wife's version of events, go here


I am at B of A too

and I hate the way they do business. Unfortunately, it's like a thousand times too much trouble to change . . . and I've already been through all the other big banks with equally crappy service.

Maybe it's time to dump them and go to a small local bank or the credit union.

In any case, be sure you copy the link to this entry and send it to every email address you can find on the bank's website, including their corporate communications and investor relations department.

And be sure to tell them that a couple thousand people will see the entry over the next few days.


And I'll do that. By the way, congrats on the blogroll at DKos. Now that you are one of the Dark Overlord's Upper Minions, you'll be freeped twice as much as before!

Dark Overlord's Upper Minions

I guess that makes BlueNC the same as the John Locke Foundation in some parallel universe - only their Dark Overlord actually is Darth Vader Jr.

Me too

Your wife is as funny as you are veterandem

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Welcome to the club. At least yours is getting fixed. I'm still (******).

Give RBC-Centura a try

I've been with RBC-Centura for several years and I'm very, very happy. Superb customer service, and the few times I've had to get stuff fixed, they were right on it. A bit shy on the number of ATMs, but I get around that by always getting cash for the week when I buy my groceries, plus I hardly use cash at all anymore - just my trusty debit card.

Anyway, they have a free checking account with no minimum and that includes online banking. You do have to pay for checks, about $18 per box of 100 (or 200, don't recall) and they will zap you if you have to hit your overdraft protection ($10 per $100 transferred from overdraft line to checking account) as well as $2 per transaction at a non-RBC ATM.

However, with a few changes in my money management habits, I've avoided all fees since they started offering free checking except one day when I just didn't get there in time to have a deposit credit on that day's work, and so got hit with the overdraft transfer & fee.

As for BofA - I've had a personal checking account with them twice, and each time their service was so abysmal I ended up leaving them.

RBC = Royal Bank of Canada

Just sad that banks from other countries have better customer service than our own home-grown varieties....

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folks in Canada. They are awesome.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Go Credit Union

if you can. They are there to work for YOU, not millions of shareholders wanting an extra penny dividend. I've been with SECU for years and can't say enough good stuff about their customer service.

Just chiming in to agree......

Never had a problem with SECU that hasn't been fixed satisfactorily without any crap like what was described above. If you have a chance to go with them, do it.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

Thanks for all of

the support and suggestions! When we can stomach it, we're going to transfer to the SECU (as my mother was a state employee for the better part of her career, actually retired from state service). She said she would sponsor us, so once we get all of our ducks in a row, we're going to switch over.

20 years ago...

...i did work for a company that supplied data to the bank rate monitor survey.

even then bofa had the worst customer satisfaction rating among the tracked banks on a consistent basis, and clearly not much has changed.

by the way, the reason you can't get the credit score data is because it would embolden the terrorists; but i may have already said too much...

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

emboldened the terrorists

and harmed troop morale

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


YOu know us liberal types, always out there stabbing our troops i the back, skulking about dark alleys looking for someone to sell state secrets to, oh and don't forget, it's all Clinton's fault . Stoopit R's


You know us liberal types, always out there stabbing our troops in the back, skulking about dark alleys looking for someone to sell state secrets to, oh and don't forget, it's all Clinton's fault . Stoopit R's