Bring media attention to NC-10

The first round votes have been counted and we are down to the final five!

Thousands and thousands of people cast first round votes in "Serve with the General" - the contest that will send General Wes Clark to one lucky Congressional District to participate in a community service project. The race to get into the final round was extremely close!

Now it is time to pick from the final five districts: Washington's 8th (Darcy Burner), California's 4th (Charlie Brown), North Carolina's 10th (Daniel Johnson), Colorado's 4th (Betsy Markey), or Minnesota's 3rd (Ashwin Madia).

Click here to cast your final round vote!

(Every district starts back at zero votes for the final round, so make sure you cast a final round vote.)

You get to decide where Democrats will roll up their sleeves at a community service event with General Clark this summer.

So cast your vote today! The final round of voting ends this Friday, June 6th, at 12:00 midnight eastern time.

Thank you for your participation and for putting your Democratic values into action. Spread the word!





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