Bring Back Dean, Howard That Is

“People yelled and carried on”: Howard Dean tells Salon how he remade DNC — and Dems’ new path forward", Salon 11/25/14

We need Dean, or someone like him, back!!! Great article in Salon on him and his recognition of what the two parties did. He also understands that the current supposed leadership in DNC and Washington is deficient, over controlling and plain old stupid - and did not see the advent of the takeover of the state legislatures and governorships by the GOP, though it was patently evident -- everyone busy with their own little piece of the world. He is more appreciative of the Obama style of campaigning, which everyone has adopted, but which has real flaws, which include ignoring the people in the precincts, counties, districts and even states. Long live the 50 state strategy! We have to take back many of the state governments also.