Breaking: Workers in Chicago Sit Down

This is a real short diary, bringing attention to some breaking news out of Chicago.

Republic Windows & Doors shut its doors Friday, but more than 200 workers reportedly refused to leave the North Side manufacturer, demanding assurances they'll get severance and vacation pay that they say they are owed.

The short and sweet of this is that these workers had a union contract that said they were required 60 day notice of a layoff or shutdown. They are also owed severance pay, vacation pay, and likely pensions. The total pay and benefits they are owed is about 1.5 Million for the 200 plus employees.

Amongst other problems, Congressmen Gutierrez (a possible Obama replacement) was able to broker a last minute meeting between workers and the company for Friday. Yet the company sent no representatives, so the workers decided not to leave.

This link has video from the local news with some more details:

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