Breaking: Bob Dole gets it up for ports

As if the irony in Bushland isn't deep enough already, the UAE company trying to take control of US ports (Dubai Ports World) has signed on old Bob Dole to be their crony-in-chief in Washington. His job is to make this stinking deal smell sweet enough to keep Congress from over-riding Bush's promised veto. I'm guessing his sniffer has as many problems as his stiffer. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Wonder what Liddy thinks of this turn of events. Does she think it's okay to turn over the management of US ports -- like, say, Wilmington, to the money-laundering capital of the world?

Elizabeth Dole: Just who are you working for?


Not just NO



Hey Liddy!

Hey Liddy!

Did you read this story about new plans for Southport? It's going to rival Norfolk as a port of entry! Maybe your hubby can arrange for a money-laundering terrist sponsoring company from UAE to take it over from hard-working Tarheel citizens. Ya think?