Will GOP leaders push for a constitutional amendment to shrink the size of the NC Supreme Court?

Faced with the likelihood that Anita Earls will crush opponents in her run for the North Carolina Supreme Court, Phil Berger and Tim Moore, leaders of the NC Senate and NC House respectively, may be hatching new plots to take over the judiciary. They can't win playing by the rules, so they'll do what they always do: Rig the system to suppress democracy.

The Supreme Court of North Carolina is the state's highest court, and parties have no further appeal from its decisions on matters of state law. The court comprises of the Chief Justice and six associate justices, each of whom serves an eight-year term.

On this issue, what seems likely is an attempt to push through a constitutional amendment this spring to reduce the size of the court to five. Only two of the current seven justices have terms expiring this year. Thus, there would be no Supreme Court election if such an amendment were approved before November balloting. To make this happen, Berger and Moore would need to get 60% of all the members of each house of the North Carolina State Legislature to adopt an act submitting the proposed amendment to a statewide vote. The legislature would also determine the date of the election on a proposed amendment.

Berger and Moore see a blue wave building and they are pulling out the stops to cover their asses in every way possible. The last thing they want is a North Carolina Supreme Court that would hold them accountable to the people and the NC Constitution.



Wouldn't surprise me

Hell, they already shrunk the Court of Appeals from 15 down to 12, just so Cooper couldn't appoint any justices to fill out terms. Slashing the Supremes would be right down their alley.

Changed headline from a question to a statement

I have it on good authority that they are actively scheming to do exactly this.

That said, it seems difficult to see them pulling it off. The Republican brand is toxic in North Carolina and in the entire country. This would be a statewide ballot and more and more people can see through GOP bullshit. Gerrymandering won't help them here.

And back again

I've heard their interest in shrinking the court, but have no first-hand, irrefutable knowledge. So let's just leave it as a question for now.

The odds are good they're considering it. Anything that puts democracy in fewer hands is right down the GOP alley. Hell, why not reduce the court to three?

The economic benefits of a smaller court are negligible. Investing a few hundred thousand to have a broader, more representative judiciary is easy to defend. Campaigns spends ten times that much every election cycle.