Is Brad Miller in trouble and why are we not paying attention?

I was just looking at this post over at Swing State Project, and noticed that one of the challengers that is in the best position was none other than Vernon Robinson.

Robinson $466,768
Miller $540,736

Challenger has 86% of funds as Incumbent.

The post is very pro-Democratic, but this one race pops out.

This is the CQ Politics list (PDF) of top 50 Democratic challengers based on their money alone.

Should we be more worried about Vernon?


Yes, we should

He's getting his money from people who aren't in this state. That means they aren't aware of his filthy tactics. I don't think Brad is in any trouble because he is a weak candidate. I simply think Vernon Robinson will do anything to win - even part old women from their grocery and prescription money.

I think we need to spend as much time ramping up the excitement about Brad Miller's campaign as we do the Sharpe, Kissell and Shuler campaigns.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Miller campaign is fine!

VR has max out on the bucks coming in. He has drain the
pool of the so-called conservative right. The site on
the Net is at 137,000 simply because of the free repub
idiots promoting him. VR will spend 90% on TV high price MSM
commerials which will not reach the market that he is
looking for in his district. Send Miller bucks as he ask
for and they will do the number on VR as a loser once more.

Why worry?

Being from Winston-Salem, I have seen Vernon lose his city council seat, lose the state house race, and lose a House primary.

He stirs up controversey. That's it.

Given the Democratic leanings of Miller's district, all Vernon will accomplish is to get out the vote for Miller.

Yea, Vernon has money. His problem is that he will spend it to let people know how crazy he really is.

Be the Democrat you want to see.

Visit DebateScoop
Be the Democrat you want to see.

Well, that is good news.

As I have said before, perhaps the best thing that can happen is that far-right donors give to a losing Vernon campaign, instead of Taylor or Hayes.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Please keep blogging at Greensboro N & R. There are some crazy people that blog on there, but you really know how to handle them.


It isn't a matter of worrying

It's a matter of wanting the noise coming out of the 13th to be positive noise for Miller. That's all.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I talked to Brad this morning and told him that you all had stopped blogging for him like he didn't have a problem. He said if you thought that, you were wrong. Here you go ramping it up for him. I knew you would come through. He said that he needed to raise a lot more money. Thank you so much for your support.


It'll be positive all right

VR's mass donations will stop once they see he's a lost cause when a real poll comes out. Once Miller gets his name out there and makes voters aware its election season he'll be fine.

This campaign should envigorate our base to help him out more and then Shuler, Kissell, and Sharpe too. Thats what we need a hold on and then 3 pickups like THAT.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Thanks for the reminder

Brad Miller is a true progressive and we can't lose sight of how important it is to defend the footholds we have here in North Carolina. If we're going to turn North Carolina "blue" we're going to have to stand strong for progressive leaders like Brad, as well as challengers like Sharpe and Kissell.

If you can send him anything, even a few bucks, please do. And don't forget to make the amount end in .06. For example, $30.06.

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Robinson's Retirement Fund...

This is his last gasp – one last ditch effort to make something out of a failed political life. It’s comical if you step back – this guy is a caricature – a fiction.

His overt pandering mocks the very self respect of our democracy. He is a disgraceful candidate with no shame and an inordinate sense of self that can no longer govern over his constant need to provoke in order to satisfy his juvenile need for attention.

He is the ultimate media candidate – a do anything say anything shock artist that is good for at least one headline every time he gets an audience. The product of a get elected and any cost mentality born out of the endless din and the titillating hyperbole from 20 years of formula driven conservative news-talk radio.

His is a candidacy is a sham – the final act in a carefully orchestrated but failed political life. He is going to retire rich thanks to all those people who - like lurkers at a suicide watch - throw dollars at him as their way to cheer for him to commit a spectacular political death.

But he is going to have the last laugh – he is running a political scam and he will be keeping a healthy amount of those contributions for his own personal use at the end of the campaign. It is the law and he knows it – he gets to keep what he doesn’t spend.

His is a desperate life full of promise but wracked by underachievement and missed opportunities…

Stay clear of the suicide at work here Brad – no need to get blood on yourself as this guy just wants an audience for his final act…

I wish the followers would lead... With a voice so strong in would knock me to my knees...


Vernon Robinson called Miss Virginia (Im more conservative than 91% of the House) Foxx a "liberal" when he ran against her in the NC-5 Republican primary two years ago.

I think Brad is fine. Lets not get cocky. But Vernon is a terrible candidate.