Brad Miller says he will not consider Senate Run

Story posted at N&O Site after midnight on December 16. Brad Miller said that he will not even consider running for senate seat.

He said that he doesn't want to spend 18 months of his life having people from DC tell him "How to be southern"


Good news

Brad Miller is my favorite congressman. (In a tie once Larry gets there.) He is doing a beautiful job.

I think it was Mel Watt who told me that the Senate was not a promotion and he could do more for the people of this state and his district in the House. I agree.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

They were talking about the Senate on Morning Joe

this a.m. and how many people who have served couldn't wait to get out; even considered it better to be called Governor if they had been in the past. I think it takes a special kind of person and not everyone can do it.

I'm glad to know that Miller will stay in Congress

He's my favorite, too. Since I live in Coble's district, I adopt Congressman who I feel actually represent me. Miller is one, I hope Kissell will be another. I suspect he will. Mel Watt is another favorite in our house. When anything comes on the news about him, the family invariably cheers: "Mel!!" It's like Norm from Cheers.