Brad Miller not amused by Virginia Foxx and her Government Education rhetoric

Representative Brad Miller seriously put a hurt on Virginia Foxx and her usual Republican talking point amendment to the American Graduation Initiative that is being debated in the House. Rep. Miller completely discounted everything Ms. Foxx proposed in her amendment that went down in flames by a vote of 301 - 126. You should KNOW that you've authored a crazy proposal in the US House of Representatives when the Party of No (family values, ideas, Obama) puts forward actual votes against the Crazy Foxx amendment in rather strong numbers.

“With unemployment as high as it is, I know that all the community colleges in North Carolina are setting priorities to work with people who need to get the education they need to get jobs,” Foxx said. “But there is so much taxpayer money wasted here on administration and bureaucracy and very little lack of accountability, despite what my colleagues have said.”


“In my opinion, this is a step towards federal curriculum for schools and colleges,” Foxx said.

Yes, you read it correctly. Wasted taxpayer money? Check! Government bureaucracy? It's there!
Accountability (what Republicans are KNOWN the world over for being against)? Today we are for it because we are against ANYTHING Obama puts forth!

Well, Brad Miller wasn't having anything to do with those old canards and stated so quite eloquently.

“It’s astonishing that when unemployment in many parts of North Carolina is more than 13 percent that I have to defend an investment in community colleges,” Miller said in response to Foxx’s amendment.

Miller said that the sour economy has made community colleges all the more important and said it made sense for the federal government to invest.

“I welcome the Obama administration’s recognition of the importance of community colleges to working families, to breadwinners willing to work hard to learn new skills. It is long overdue,” Miller said.

It is astonishing, Rep. Miller. It is also par for the course regarding Virgina Foxx and her inability to understand the first thing about anything other than partisan politics. Even when the people of North Carolina would be allowed the opportunity to go to a community college and be re-trained from the manufacturing jobs they held in the past to the more service oriented jobs that are now the norm here in North Carolina, thanks to the Republican/Corporate fleecing of American jobs in the name of profit.

Once again, Ms. Foxx shows her true colors. Faded and muddy as they are.


I'm sending Brad an e-mail right now to say thank you.

The right wing has truly gone crazy over having a black man in their White House! They vote against their own betterment in order to stick a thumb in the eye of the President at every opportunity. It's insane. Like Rep. Foxx. But you know that.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Virginia Foxx is outta here

This woman is just a "national" version of Cary Allred. She's a nutcase and from what I am getting from the right in her district, she will have to pull a genie out of a bottle to even win in a primary in the next election cycle.

I know her district is predominantly conservative with a majority that do vote republican mostly. But, if there is not someone else running against a solid democrat opponent this next election, we have a great chance to gain a seat here.


I loved the part where she said there was nothing in the bill to guarantee that none of the money would go to Acorn. Talk about a stretch. Somebody needs to ask her why she isn't working at that community college any more. Just saying.