Brad Miller for NC Governor - Announcement Soon!

Bob Geary of reports that we should expect to hear from Brad Miller soon about wheter or not he will enter the race for NC Governor. You can read about it here.

The article quotes Miller:

"I've gotten a lot of encouragement that I haven't solicited," he says. "I'm thinking very hard about it. I know I need to make a decision very quickly."


Etheridge Voted against DADT repeal

Etheridge voted against the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Now he's running in a heated primary in an election where LGBT voters in NC are going to turn out at a higher rate than ever before because of the amendment. I wonder how that will work out for him.

Not like I'm digging up

Not like I'm digging up a mistake from when it was "okay" to be a bigot 40 years ago. And in 2006 a federal marriage discrimination vote, Etheridge broke with most of the party to vote for discrimination:

Then NC Democratic party is moving on. The NC Democratic LGBT caucus is now a reality. And the party officially opposes the marriage discrimination amendment. And we have David Parker at the helm of the state party as a pro-equality advocate. The party leadership is moving on. And if he wants to be a head of party and head of state, it's time to get with the program.

That said, I'm happy to forgive his past if he becomes a pro-equality candidate. We've even got Richard Burr voting for DADT repeal, and Ellmers voting against a marriage discrimination amendment so I know change is possible even from the most unlikely of places. I'll be definitely be keeping an eye on his website when its launched before making any primary volunteering/donating/voting decisions relating to his campaign.

To add to the "moving forward" theme

I agree with you here:

judge all candidates by the body of their work

That is precisely why Etheridge's initial vote against DADT repeal in 2010 was so galling after his seeming progression in voting for the federal hate crimes bill in 2009 (which had less popular support than DADT repeal in his district).

Moving forward on progressive issues is what we should be about. When a body of work shows regression (in this case, Etheridge), it should be punished.

A converse example, yet what some also consider a conservative Democrat, is Walter Dalton. In Dalton's case, he has moved forward on LGBT issues and hasn't (yet) demonstrated backsliding as Etheridge did in 2010. Dalton may have sponsored the marriage amendment in 2005, but he didn't in succeeding years, was endorsed by Equality NC in 2008, and further showed progress by immediately ratifying the bullying bill the evening it passed after the clincher vote in the NC House.

Dalton's type of forward movement -- absent backsliding -- should be encouraged.

Etheridge's type of regressive movement should be discouraged.

That's how you move the ball forward.


I don't see how Etheridge gets past this

The video has 2+ million views already, and if good ol' Bob is the nominee, that'll be more like 5+ million. I understand he was ambushed, but it is what it is. And what it is is a fatal flaw.

If a dumbass like Renee Ellmers could take Etheridge out in a race for Congress, he'd be mincemeat in a fight with McCrory.

2010 was a perfect storm

2010 was a perfect storm situation for a Republican. Two years later it's a different world. With 2 million in the treasury chest it will be difficult for anyone to defeat McCrory but I think Bob has a better chance than anyone else currently in the race. We'll just have to see what happens. But the ambush is two years old now and I just don't think it carries that much weight anymore. If Bob loses it will not be because of him getting pissed off at a couple of punks that were continuously harassing him.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

As I watched the video...

Etheridge gave me the impression, he had a few too many cocktails.

Your impression then would be

Your impression then would be incorrect. I've known the man for about 40 years. He doesn't drink. Period.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Been talking to lots of people on this very subject

Laura Leslie had this to say yesterday after she interviewed Etheridge....‎(I should add that he made that statement at a press conference, and I didn't get to follow up on why he thinks anyone's rights should be up for a vote.) We were all wondering why he said this when interviewed by the N & O/ Under The Dome the other day,

Etheridge, a former congressman, declined to take a position on the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriages that will appear on the ballot in May, saying it is an issue that he will have to deal with later.

“The nice thing is, it is before the people and they will make the decision,” Etheridge said a news conference in front of state Democratic headquarters. “I always believe the people in the state make the right decision.”

Brad Miller is who I will work for, a real, honest-to-goodness progressive!


what a dumb thing to say, Bob.

letting people vote on the rights of others is idiotic and wrong. brad miller has more leadership in his little toe than etheridge has in his whole body.

So is Miller in or not? If

So is Miller in or not? If he were in it would seem that he should have already announced.

I'm a moderate Democrat.