Boy Pundit Loses Marbles

Carter Wrenn, whiz kid of the wacko right, must have had too much to drink over the weekend. But I sure do hope the Republicans take his weird advice to heart.

Here’s my point: if Rep. Stam and the House Republicans want to stand up for the First Amendment, fine. But they should go a step further. They should require lobbyists – every time one makes a contribution or raises money for a legislator – to immediately disclose why.

For instance, if a lobbyist contributes to Representative John Doe the lobbyist should immediately disclose that he or she is also trying to get Representative Doe to vote for a $400,000 grant to, say, the Teapot Museum.

Then the public would see not just the money the lobbyist raised for Rep. Doe but what Rep. Doe may have done for it in return. That might not end ‘pay to play’ but it would make it a lot riskier for Rep. Doe.

I can just see it now. A lobbyist raises money for a Puppet and then dutifully reports the motivation for all to see:

Lobbyist: I gave money to Joe Boylan because I wanted him to vote for a landfill on some useless property my client owns.

Lobbyist: I gave money to Jim Black because I wanted to create a windfall for eyeglass makers all over North Carolina.

Lobbyist: I gave money to (pick your right wing nutcase) because I don't want the gummint interfering with our right to pollute rivers and streams.

Wrenn has interesting things to say from time to time, but this commentary is flat-out weird. What's to stop a lobbyist from saying that he simply likes how Representative Doe votes on the issues and wants to offer his support? Passing a law that requires delving into the motivations of lobbyists and requiring them to disclose why they're doing what they're doing seems ridiculous on the face of it.


I understand it

and even admire the sentiments. But after his career in electoral politics peddling distortions and lies and siding with the likes of the Puppetmaster, it's hard to imagine Wrenn actually believing that his proposal is worth the virtual paper it's printed on.

Its a jab at transparency.

If you look at the comments it sounds more like Wrenn wanting the GOP, and thus the federal government, to look transparent as opposed to actually being it.

You can't buy reform/lobbying KoolAid from most Right wingers. Its just not true.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Its a jab at transparency in ancient history also

Maybe poor puppet Paul Stram might try this little ancient roman
anti lobbist trick. When Julius Caesar seized the imperial
chair of the Republic. He decided that the corruption in
the Senate had gone too far since it threaten his control
of the Republic. He impose the 6 am or when the Sun came up
law at a Senator Villa. The lobbists were to be at the
Senator front door at 6 am with their gifts to give to
the Senator for a few favors in the future during Senate
debate. The imperial legion stood guard at the Senator Door
to inspect the gifts and than test them whether they were
acceptable to the Senator. It is thought that less 1%
of the gifts make it to the patron. I can see lawyer Paul
in his Apex office at 6 am demanding that the local Barney
Fith stop bugging his Pope patrons and testing the 6 packs.