Border fences and family separation (political cartoon)

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For a modern day example of what a border fence will do to us, we need to look at Israel and Palestine. This report is shameful.

What difference does it make? What does make a difference is the appalling question of what prompted a soldier, or a Border Policeman, to open fire from a long way off at the boy and then to leave him bleeding on the ground until he died. What goes through the mind of the shooter, in the moments before and after he takes the life of an adolescent, who was in no way putting anyone at risk - even if he touched a fence that must not be touched? Three fences surround the abandoned airport, and last Sunday we saw no hole in any of them, three days after the unnecessary, criminal shooting.

Fences and wall never work and leave nothing but disaster in their wake. Congress chats a lot about jobs, employment and economic consequences of a border fence, but they have yet too look deeper into the social consequences of such an atrocity.