Bogus Van Braxton site NC House - 10 Under Investigation

I know the site is a bit fuzzy and I want to do a better post on this, but thought you would all like to know that the fake Braxton site is now under investigation by the authorities. My understanding is that is a direct action taken after the site was exposed here on BlueNC. Thanks to the original post and the subsequent site properties posted here, there was enough information to warrant formal complaints and the authorities are now investigating the site.

The Kinston Free Press has the story. Way to go everyone.



Awesome report, SD. Thanks for digging this up.


What a perfect name for a guy who claims he's in business, not politics, then goes on to opine about the nature of all things political.


They article makes things more confusing because the correct site is:

NOT vanbraxtonnchouse as listed in the article.

I have emailed the writer but it's still incorrect.