BlueNC's Wikipedia Entry

It occurred to me last night that it's about time that BlueNC had it's own Wikipedia entry, so I started one: But then I wasn't sure what to put there. As I'm sure you know, anyone can edit Wikipedia pages. If you have something to say about the site, go put it in there. But keep in mind: Wikipedia isn't an advertising medium. Here's Wikipedia's spam guidelines.

Also, I added a link to BlueNC on several pages where a link to BlueNC seemed appropriate. See, for example, (scroll down to the "external links" section). If you can think of some other pages where a link to BlueNC would be appropriate (and not spam!), fix 'er up!


Thanks for doing this!

I've never spent much time at around Wikipedia, except to grab a link for this or that. This'll give me a good excuse to get to know the place better. Thanks!

Wow...we're wikid....

Hehe...Katie uses Wikipedia for research all the time. She learned early on to check the facts, though. She found a glaring error in one entry...don't know which one. I failed to tell her she could edit it though. I don't think she realized she could - being 12 and all.

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