The BlueNC frontpage team for 2012

When it comes to all things progressive, 2011 pretty much sucked. Tea Party Republicans went on a rampage, with business interests and religious fanatics taking the public agenda in a stranglehold. Decades of North Carolina progress swirled down the toilet in a single legislative session under Thom Tillis' leadership. Will 2012 be more of the same? Not if we can help it.


Never fear

I'm in Vienna marking the start of the New Year six hours early. Fireworks exploding everywhere. I'll be back in Raleigh in 24 hours to make sure we have fireworks everywhere in NC, a progressive 2012, and hopefully stay at least six hours ahead of Thom Tillis. Happy New Year!

Greg Flynn

I had been planning to use this thread as a way to introduce the team of frontpage bloggers at BlueNC, so your comment is a perfect opportunity.

For those who don't know Greg, he has been a reliable voice at BlueNC since our earliest days. I'm very excited to say he will be stirring the pot with us throughout the year ahead.

Greg is as good as they come in doing well-researched political reporting. And he is smart as a whip. You can find him all over the web, putting in regular appearances at Progressive Pulse as well as here at BlueNC.

Thank you for your willingness to step up at BlueNC in the year ahead. I know you'll give North Carolina plenty to think about.

Safe travels.

Greg Flynn

I'm so glad you are an American.





I need to do a post or two about that.

Betsy Muse

Another veteran BlueNC frontpager, Betsy Muse, will continue to work with us in 2012. When I asked her for a few words she offered these: Mother to two beautiful, brilliant daughters and wife to one good man. Always writing something.

You can find Betsy here at BlueNC and also at Democratic Muse.

Steve Harrison

BlueNC would not still be operating if it weren't for Steve Harrison. He has picked up my considerable slack while working a demanding day job, and has become our most reliable blogger for environmental issues, including hunting down material for Friday Fracking Videos.

I love Steve's sense of humor.

"I see myself standing at the intersection of politics and public policy, taking note of the pedestrians who are injured while attempting to cross. And I worry that if I stop watching, even more will get hurt."

Your sign


That's great. :)

It reminds me of a time I was able to get my daughter Holli to laugh in spite of her dark mood. I said:

"It's sad there are so many slow children in this neighborhood they felt the need to put up a sign."

I may yet coax her into becoming a frontpager

Jane is one of the world's experts on adolescents and sexuality, and a leader in working to protect North Carolina women from the whims of right-wing paternalism. It is a fight that must be fought.

That would be awesome

I'm only a dabbler in the realm of psycho-social development, but adolescence is (by far) the most critical stage. There are so many forces at work it blows the mind, and many of us parents get it wrong. And the effects can last a lifetime.

Katy Munger

In addition to our old-timers, several other BlueNC community members have agreed to step up to the frontpage in January. One of them is Katy Munger.

Katy Munger is a founding staff member of Progress North Carolina and serves as its New Media Director. She is also past Communications Director for Democracy North Carolina and the author of 14 novels. She specializes in political messaging that highlights the overlapping concerns of middle-of-the-road voters and the progressive community.

You can find Katy here and there.

I'm really looking forward to being here....

.... and being here more often. This is a great place to, um, pop your cork and vent as well as think strategically. In defeating the forces of ignorance and fear, I find it necessary to do both.

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

Jake Gellar-Goad

Many of you already know Jake from his tireless coverage of equality and LGBT issues.

Jake is a North Carolina native. He holds a BA in Philosophy and a Master of Public Administration degree from North Carolina State University. He is employed as an organizer with Democracy North Carolina. He has worked on and volunteered with numerous campaigns in North Carolina ranging from the local to national level. And he has long been an advocate for LGBT equality, voting rights, clean elections, and sound public policy.

You can keep track of Jake here at BlueNC and also at Democracy North Carolina.

Gray Newman

You may not know Gray by his real name because he has written as TrueMeckDem from the earliest days of BlueNC. I'm very excited that Gray has agreed to join our frontpage team.

Gray lives in Mint Hill, NC (of which Charlotte is a suburb) and will primarily be posting about campaign finance reform, ballot access, third party politics and the Great State of Mecklenburg. Gray was the last member of the Green Party to hold elected office in NC and the only one outside of Orange County, he also served as a national co-chair of the Green Party.

More to come

I'm tying up loose ends on a couple of other new frontpagers who have volunteered their time and wisdom to keep North Carolina thinking. As soon as I have the green light, I'll add them to this comment thread.


In addition to the folks referenced in this thread, I want to offer a special note of thanks to usernamehere, who has been a steady BlueNC voice for years ... and who does a great deal to help us keep the site clean and clear of inevitable spammers.

It takes a village, so to speak, and usernamehere is a vital part of our frontpage team.

Bill Franklin

There are plenty of BlueNC community members who represent the best tradition of the armed services, and one of them is our new frontpager, Bill Franklin. You can find him here.

Bill is retired from 24 years in Army and 21 years in computer security businesses as product/program manager. He is addicted to books on economics, history, psychology, forecasting, intelligence, analysis, and of course, politics.

Excellent choice!

So glad to find a wide range of NCers on the front page, James, and especially Bill. You can't *really* represent North Carolina unless you have someone who understands the military community and its issues.

Love the rest of the team, too, by the way.

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....


and thanks for being part of the solution!


Sorry to be late in getting one more frontpager announced, but it's definitely worth the wait. I'm excited to add Persondem to the list of BlueNC frontpagers for 2012.

Persondem is a past Democratic county chair and a current SEC member. He is a long-time educator, mostly concerned with special ed. Like to travel and be healthy.

Here's Persondem's BlueNC blog. How lucky we are to have a public school educator in our midst.

Happy Blue Year!

I find that Facebook has reduced my language ability to pathetically clicking a "thumbs-up-like" symbol. I'm considering this my first effort to counter-act that effect. Good luck to all of you!

Really fantastic group assembled here!

I'm really looking forward to spending more time around the blog this year for sure. Great job!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Hey old timer

Good to see you out and about ... and thanks for the kind words. The response from community members in stepping up for the tough year ahead has been extraordinary. We are very lucky to have so many committed individuals working for North Carolina. And lord knows, we need each and every one. The Tarheel Taliban are out to crush progress with a vengeance.

Thanks for the shout out.