The Blood In The Turnip (political cartoon)

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The raid of the Swift meat packing plants is a small example of the large-scale complexities of America's illegal immigration problem. And the biggest problem is, well, us.

Corporate America, as well as uninformed Americans and the intellectually lazy citizens, all want something for free. We want 25 cent a gallon gasoline, $5 jeans and milk that costs less than a dollar a gallon and that is where it stops. We really don't want to look underneath the belly of our economy to see what is fueling our hunger for an ultra-low cost of goods and services. We don't want to talk about the oppression of the Chinese that allows them to crank out Christmas kitsch for next to nothing. We want to ignore the warning signs of an American economy endangered by tax cuts for the rich and a useless war in the Middle East.

Lastly, we sure as Hell don't want to look at the exploitation going on in our own backyard. From the Kansas City Star:

The man’s job was to stand, hour after hour, virtually shackled to a chainsaw by a system of overhead pulleys.

In front of him moved an assembly line of freshly bled-out bodies; dead pigs dangling by their feet. The man would muscle the chainsaw into position above his head, splitting each pig in half; pig, after pig, after pig.

His work, observed once in a Midwest packing house, was the first major cut in a long process that would eventually turn the dead pigs into perfectly arranged slices of bacon, round sausages, chunky hams and pork tenderloins — all the products Americans covet at the grocery.

Americans will need to soon realize that America is not all about Corporate America or the upper class. Nothing comes for free and neither does living in America.

The government decided that it would be a good idea to raid meatpacking plants owned by Swift & Co. in six states. The stated goal of the Department of Homeland Security was to break an identify theft ring.

The raids came on the feast day to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico, the native country for many of the detained, likely soon-to-be-deported workers. So the government action was akin to firing someone on Christmas or some other high holiday to human goodness.

Still, Department of Homeland Security folks brayed about the success of “Operation Wagon Train.” The raids rounded up, a bit like the cattle and hogs they process so efficiently, nearly 1,300 workers. In many towns, teachers and other good Samaritans took home the workers’ children who suddenly found themselves without parents.

The only positive of the poorly thought out raids was that they outlined, once again, the wink-and-nod sham that is our immigration policy.

That is not the only sham in America. Not by a long shot.


should just

arrest the people who hire the illegal immigrants and leave the workers alone.

"Keep the Faith"