Blame the Republican Party for what happened yesterday

As usual, Rob Schofield hits several nails on their heads:

The list of important politicians who have known for years that Donald Trump was and is a criminally dangerous liar, race-baiter and traitor, and a malignant threat to American democracy is a long one.

And still, throughout almost all the last four-plus years, each of these individuals has not just stood passively by as Trump has run roughshod over the Constitution and countless core democratic values and norms, but affirmatively and cynically egged him on and/or aggressively defended him.

Before we talk about insurrection, let's scroll back a few days to see what Republican irresponsibility has accomplished. Trump's threatening phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State was actually set in motion almost a year ago, when Senate Republicans refused to punish him for making a threatening phone call to a foreign government leader. In both cases his personal political gain was at the root of his behavior, and both cases featured abuse of the power of his position. Back to the failed coup:

Of course, one of the great tragedies in all of this is that it should never have gotten this far. Sure, there’s clearly much more at work in the dark phenomenon of Trumpism than the mad ravings of the movement’s Dear Leader himself. One couldn’t watch yesterday remarkable events unfold without quickly spying the ugly tentacles of racism and white supremacy – noxious phenomena that long predate Trump and that will, sadly, outlive him – on brazen display in all their wretched squalor.

But there’s also no doubt that anyone paying attention to American politics has seen this coming for a long time. Not only has Trump been actively encouraging it, but so too have all the other bootlickers who rode his coattails and mimicked his racist and absurdly hypocritical claims and fundraising appeals throughout 2020 about “preserving law and order.”

Boy, did we see their version of “law and order” yesterday. Indeed, one shudders to think what kind of response from law enforcement these Johnny-come-lately hypocrites would be demanding (and that we might well have witnessed) had the invaders of the Capitol been people of color.

I don't want to hear any more crap from gun-lovers about "stand your ground" laws, or the "Castle Doctrine." Many of those same jackasses broke into the People's House yesterday, claiming it for themselves. And if we deal with them the same way Senate Republicans dealt with Trump, they will continue their seditious behavior with more acts of domestic terrorism.