Black's Legal Bills Hit $200,000...and We Might Pay

Excuse my last post, I just found some interesting (or infuriating) political news through Dent's morning post. Apparently Jim Black has increased his request for public funds to $200 million (from the Charlotte Observer):

House Speaker Jim Black has asked for up to $200,000 in taxpayer money to pay legal bills from complying with a federal grand jury's subpoenas to his office.
Black already was authorized by the governor's office to spend up to $30,000 in taxpayer funds to deal with the subpoenas. His legal counsel, Dianna Jessup, asked to raise the cap on the fees to $200,000 in an e-mail this week to Attorney General Roy Cooper's office. Cooper will forward the request and a recommendation on how to respond to Gov. Mike Easley.

This is simply outrageous. Why should Jim Black get the best attorneys that the State can buy for him when he is accused of impropriety in office.


This may be the last straw

Is it time for progressive North Carolina to stomp Jim Black out of office? We've called and begged and pleaded and requested like good little Democrats should, but it's clear our message has fallen on deaf ears. It's bad enough that Black's dragging the entire party down into the ethical swamp around him, but now he wants citizens to pay to cover his sorry ass?

I've had enough.

You had enough

About a year ago as I remember.

Has it been that long?

Time flies when you're sinking in the swamp . . .