The bizarro world of Pat McCrory


Corrupt, unethical, and completely unfit for public office:

McCrory called the report "a story about nothing" and was critical of both WRAL News' original report and other outlets for following and commenting on it. "This is politics at its worst and journalism at its worst," McCrory said.

He added later, "There are always going to be issues going on with the largest companies in North Carolina. When do you not meet with these companies?"

Jebus cripes. You *do not* meet with these companies when various subordinates in your administration are investigating them for violations of regs and statutes, you do not meet with them days before deciding to sell investment shares in their company, you do not meet with them when their contract with state government is on the rocks and they need help "fixing" the problem, you do not meet with them before deciding whom to appoint to boards or commissions, and you do not meet with them when one of your Departments is about to decide how much work they need to do and dollars they need to spend to clean up their act. You were right when you said this is "politics at its worst," you just should have been standing in front of a mirror when you said it.



Conflict of Interest

We once lived in Japan and listened to Armed Forces Radio. Almost every 30 minutes a public service announcement warned every seaman to Avoid Even The Appearance Of Conflict Of Interest. These poor guys could not allow a private contractor to buy them a pizza.

Yet our governor wears blinders. He repeatedly demonstrates that he has no concept of conflict of interest and is completely unwilling to allow that if the people of this state complain, it is time to stop complaining and start complying.

One would think that someone at Duke would be smart enough to see that such a meeting was timed inappropriately and squash it. But then, maybe conflict of interest was what they wanted…..