Binging on Surging (political cartoon)

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According to GOP Saint, Robert Novak, there are no more than a dozen GOP Senators who support this "surge" nonsense.

From the Washington Post:

President Bush and McCain, the front-runner for the party's 2008 presidential nomination, will have trouble finding support from more than 12 of the 49 Republican senators when pressing for a surge of 30,000 troops. "It's Alice in Wonderland," Sen. Chuck Hagel, second-ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, told me in describing the proposal. "I'm absolutely opposed to sending any more troops to Iraq. It is folly."

I just don't get John McCain's crazy-assed fervor over escalation, I mean surge. With the figure of 30,000 troops being discussed and up to 70,000 troops being salivated over in some circles, it is not rocket-science to understand that this is fundamentally stupid.

Novak continues:

McCain has long called for more troops in Iraq. He was supported within the delegation by his ally Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the only Democrat on the delegation (though he now calls himself an "Independent Democrat" after losing the Democratic nomination in Connecticut and being elected with Republican votes). But Sen. John Thune (S.D.) calls his support for the surge "conditional." Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) returned from Baghdad opposing more troops. Rep. Mark Kirk of Illinois, the only House member on the trip, is described as skeptical.

Is McCain setting himself up as the loneliest man in Washington? Only 11% of Americans are even for escalation in any form so I am just puzzled how McCain thinks this is a boost for his campaign. This position makes just about as much sense as Bush's. Is that was McCain was to present himself as? Four more years of George W. Bush?

Good luck with that John.

P.S. Yestreday's strip can be found HERE. I was soaked with flu bugs and didn't have the energy to cross-post.


This strip ran in Yes Weekly

This was the last of the strips to run in Yes Weekly, they published them through the month of December. More will run based on reader praise/outrage I guess.

Also, this is the first one where Karl Rove is visible - in the past he has been out of frame talking to the President.

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