Bill Faison vs. Bev Perdue

A slow news day at the Charlotte Observer, a fresh dip into this fetid pool.

In a recent interview, Faison said there was no need to challenge Perdue, because he believed she would not file for re-election. It is the sort of whistling-past-the-graveyard assertion he has made frequently in recent weeks. The Perdue campaign laughs off the assertion as nearly delusional. But Faison is unfazed by such denials.

"It doesn't look to me like a serious and dedicated run for governor, and I think in the end she will decide not to do that," Faison said.

To which our friend Gary Pearce had this to say:

"I think Faison has made the mistake of looking too eager to take advantage of her problems," said Gary Pearce, a veteran Democratic strategist. "It's one thing to position yourself if you think there is an opportunity. People expect that of politicians. There is a fine line, where you go too far, and you appear to be too nakedly ambitious. He may have crossed that line."

He may have crossed that line? Ya think?


The jack-ass in the room, of course, is the broader question of electability. Even if Perdue were to retire, I don't see Faison standing a snowball's chance in hell of raising the money and building the machine needed to beat Pat "Duke Energy" McCrory in the general. In any case, as others have said earlier, if Faison thinks he's the right person for the job, let him declare his intentions and prove his mettle in a primary.


Comparing websites

Take a look at Faison's website ... and compare it to Perdue's. If one had to make a judgment about who's running and who's not, it would be an easy choice.

one site is certainly

Much more mobile friendly than the other.

Mobile accessibility, blog outreach, online organizing, facebook, twitter, youtube, texting, etc are areas where our outreach, especially to youth, where the left should be blowing the other side out of the water if they're doing it right.

Mustache jokes

I don't know who's doing it, but someone's been posting Tweets that are supposedly Bill's mustache talking.

While mildly humorous, such tactics come across as petty and pure ad-hominem, and not much removed from commenting about the First Lady's butt.

I understand Primaries can get pretty ugly, but there are a whole slew of more important issues (like voting patterns and ideological intent) than facial hair that need to be explored.

People with too much time on their hands

but they keep at it because the mainstream press follows them and gives them credibility. There is one for Perdue who tweets Bill ... @GovBevPerdue

Let me just state the obvious

Bill's site is his site for NC House - please compare it to other such sites for NC House candidates. And, alas, while fairly obvious, it is not for mobile apps right now, it is for building name recognition and showing issue leadership on jobs. He has run since 2004 in 1 1/2 counties while Perdue has run statewide three times. So ... the news links are there for name recognition for ... now. Last time I checked, 2012 is not here. Someone recently critiqued me for not updating my website - seriously, with the travel schedule on the jobs plan? I am getting to it.

BTW, Perdue folks just recently updated her site ...


Sorry Jeanne, but part of Faison's criticism of Perdue is that it doesn't "look" like she's running. My point in posting his crappy website was simply to say it doesn't look like he's running either.

I should have been more clear.

Well ...

if a website is the only indicator of a campaign, there are a lot of people who "don't look like they are running." Sorry, I think that is ridiculous. Bill was referring to a lack of Perdue saying herself that she is running - and since we are evoking Gary Pearce, let's look back to Jim Hunt. He stood up, well before now, and said I am running to finish what I started. With legal issues around, Bill's comment was that "she looks distracted and is not saying, for herself, that she is running. Why the big deal? Why can't SHE answer the question instead of everyone else?

Heck, even McCrory said and we all knew why he was delaying so he could keep his $86k for sitting on two corporate boards through the end of the year.

Where is that line btw? People keep referring to crossing a line? Oh, that line where the old Pary establishment decides who runs when? Yea, I know that line - I crossed it myself. And, if more people crossed it, we may have more choices than the "establishment" telling us who is and who is not the annointed one.

and again, his website is to build name recognition on an issue and it is working quite nicely. Again, 1 1/2 counties versus 100 three times. He is doing remarkably well traveling the state, getting speaking opportunities on an issue that is THE ISSUE. Has he said he is running? No, he has not, therefore, his website if for a House Member, unless he decides otherwise, therefore, your comparison is apples to oranges, or current Gov to current House.

One of Bill's supporters told me I was too nice on here

so my 2012 resolution is to be just as direct as the others on this site who like to seriously "badmouth" people without fact, on a personal level, which has nothing to do with "Blue" or "NC" - they seems to do it just for the pure fun of it and it seems from the past, that there are plenty on here who are "nameless" who do just that. So, thank you Alamance Dem, I will be more direct in my opinions from now on.

Sorry about whatever nastiness you've encountered

It's one of the hazards of anonymous commenting. And I hope you don't include me among the critics. I'm simply trying to get a clear answer, so directness in your opinions would be most welcome.

Also, I understand that you may be in no position to speak for Faison, so let me rephrase it. Do you think Bill is going to run regardless of what Perdue does?

Ahh yes

The anonymous "bad mouthers" - yes, there are some on here, that if they are in fact women, they give women a bad name in the world of politics. I don't trust or give a flip about anyone who can't put their name by their words. No. not referring to you James! You use your name and I am fine answering for my opinions when I know who someone is but the cloak of anonymity is a ploy to slander and post without regard to fact or truth.

Bill will have to speak for himself but I think Bill is assessing his options. And, more to come.

But, I would still love to hear the "answers" to my questions because the Perdue camp makes no sense to me.

And, I think Gary crossed the line when he wrote about Bill's "appearance" though he had done something similar to Perdue previously. Seriously, can we judge candidates on the gray matter.

Well, James

it is a simple question for Perdue to answer as well isn't it? She recently "did not" answer the direct question posed of her by minority leaders of the NCGA when they met with her. Why is that? I wish one of you would explain the "no answer answer." I don't get it. She has his cell number and he has hers. Why no call? When we asked some other folks to ask her, they are all still awaiting answers. What is the big secret?

Where are the Dems standing up and telling Bill to sit down for suggesting she is distracted? I wish someone would explain that to me as well.

Bill was asked and answered the question in September and said he was not running in a primary against Perdue - can we all go back and dig that up?

And, as for changing his mind, it certainly does depend on whether or not she is running. He established that premise months ago. Now, he can certainly change his mind. But, I would think any candidate worth considering would actually do some research, some fundraising, some name recognition, and some meetings to assess whether or not he/she should run in a primary or not. As a candidate myself, I did that and did not listen to the "demands" of whether or not I should annouce, I did my research and calculations. As should anyone running for office.

And, for the record, Bill has three - count 'em - three emails slightly upset with him. Where is the outcry? He has many emails urging him to run. And, oh yea, one letter to the editor, based on innuendo and gender outcry that was "high drama" on BlueNC. Oh, and BlueNC and the Indy trying to apply pressure. Well, I say, do your research some more Bill - you are one of the brightest people in NC politics - you will figure it out.

I've done plenty of research on Bill

and I consider him a corporatist, largely in the tradition of Kay Hagan and Bev Perdue. None of them are the kind of elected official I want in office, though they are each more attractive than the Tea Party alternative.

Also, I don't know Bill personally, and I can't tell whether he's just playing a game ... or if he's seriously prepared to challenge.

Finally, I've lost more elections than I've won, so my opinions about campaign strategy are useless. I don't pretend to know what motivates individuals ... or how they go about the process of making these hard decisions. I'm trying to get my wife to run for the legislature, and finding the process almost unbearable.

Sorry if I've come across as rude or disrespectful. That hasn't been my intention.

now there is someone who could

run on a truly progressive ticket for governor, set the tone for the down races in primaries across the state, and help in a meaningful way to defeat the amendment during the primary, if she decides legislature isn't for her, b/c what counts as a win is lowered from winning to debate shaping and amendment turnout.

(Unless faison decides to come out as a pro equality candidate, but time is running out until the feb deadline and I don't see that happening soon - but I can hope)

Not rude or disrespectful at all ...

oh my, Bill is not a corporatist. His votes are for people above all else. Look at his votes on the environment and any "people above government/company" issues. I consider his views very similar to my own and I am all about the individual not the corporation.

And, I am all about primaries - this nonsense in the Democratic Party about "no primaries" guarantees a few people control who does what and gets us all nowhere.

He didn't vote for people when he

voted against raising the tobacco tax a few years back. "Corporatist" fits nicely as far as the tobacco tax goes.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Yes....wanting to raise sales

Yes....wanting to raise sales taxes (a regressive tax) before considering a surcharge on millionaires is just the kind of leader we need.

Oh wait......Faison is a millionaire himself,isn't he? Think I'd rather take my chances with Bev.

The one penny sales tax

was in the budget. Republicans took it out after they campaigned against it. Bill wants to put 7/10 back in to put people back to work. People were layed-off because it was taken out of the budget; education was cut. So for education and to put people back in jobs, suck it up like most of North Carolinians who say they will help their neighbor and their children with a penny.

Wow, politicians doing what

Wow, politicians doing what they campaigned on......who would have ever imagine. Restoring it now after being gone for 6 months is a tax increase. As far as putting people back to work, under that philosophy, unemployment would disappear if we just raises sales taxes (a regressive tax) by 5 cents.

It Dems want a winning issue in 2012 campaign start by proposing to raise taxes on millionaires like Bill Faison, not on those unemployed, the poor, and the middle class.

He proposed it in September

and it expired on July 1 so let's have some facts please. He proposed it Sept. 8.
And, yes, read the plan, it puts a lot of people back to work. Better than the proposed fracking which is supposed to "hire" people. And, frankly, put your money where your mouth is and show me the revenue source to re-hire all of those in education and state government who were layed-off due to the expiration of the penny tax.

The session started in

The session started in January,the tax expired in July, and it took Faison until September to realize it should be At least Gov Perdue had it in her budget to extend the one cent sales tax,too bad Faison wasn't speaking up for it before it expired.

Guess no way he wants to raise taxes on millionaires since he's one too.

Press Conference

Raleigh, January 2, 2012 – Representative Bill Faison will hold a press conference Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 11:00 am in the Press Room in the Legislative Building at 16 West Jones Street, Raleigh.

Rep. Faison will discuss economic conditions in North Carolina and the need for a continued focus on sound policies to address the unemployment rate, promote education and stimulate job growth and economic prosperity for North Carolina’s working, middle class families.
Representative Faison represents NC House District 50, Northern Orange and Caswell Counties, and was first elected to the Legislature in 2005. Bill is a staunch supporter and advocate for jobs, education and health care. As a Single Dad, Bill knows how important it is to make good decisions now for results in the future. With three children in college and one in high school, Bill is focused on acting now to secure the future for all of our children.
As a legislator since 2005, he has championed rural high-speed internet access and in his role as Chairman of the House Democrats' Business Caucus, he has taken on the issue of rising unemployment in NC and is calling for a JOBS plan for the State, with a challenge to the GOP Leadership.

For information on the JOBS plan, supported by 35 of his colleagues in the NC House, go to

I can't believe that you are still promoting Faison's weak

excuse for a jobs plan. Let's see if I can recap: It calls for a .7 of cent regressive sales tax hike, paying for small business incentives by closing unspecified loopholes in the tax code and a couple of sentences of platitudes.

I just checked and Faison's website still has poorly worded language regarding the first part of the "plan". You can't lower a tax by .3 of a cent when the tax is no longer in effect.

Unless he has really done some research and some thinking I expect this press conference to be a great big YAWN.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Well, the very first item is called

Policy Response for Economic Prosperity for Working, Middle Class Families
so that is what I mean by a policy paper.

and here is the link

Policy Response for Economic Prosperity for Working, Middle Class Families

and, waiting for your plan, if you have one, oh anonymous one. It is easy to be a critic when you have no name. I respect those who put forth ideas for debate and discussion, not those who critique from their recliner and never put forth ideas. Bill tried to put it forth as legislation for discussion but alas the GOP said no. Thankfully he keeps trying with letters to the leadership, etc., far more than anyone else is doing.

Thanks for the link, but it's still not much of a policy ...

Long on platitudes and nice ideas involving education and the environment, but the only specifics are a rehash of Faison's "jobs plan". He even talks out of both sides of his mouth by saying that:

But we must strike a balance between our important values including; protecting our environment, health, and quality of life, and promoting and creating jobs, businesses, and economic opportunity.

No details on just what such an energy policy would look like. It's all very nice and democratic sounding, but mostly smoke with little fire. If he had been making this kind of noise throughout his career it might not look like an attention seeking bit of pre-campaigning.

Not impressed.

Neither am I impressed with your pointless attack concerning my anonymity. I have provided enough information at BlueNC to make me easily identifiable with a little thinking and a few mouse clicks. Both you and Faison seem incapable of actually thinking through such things. He had the opportunity to figure out who I am during an exchange on BlueNC last year.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Frankly, I am not overly concerned with who you are

and have other things to do than "figure it out" - I am just amused at people like you who sit in anonymity and critique ideas without putting forth any of your own, with a name, I might add. If you think you are the expert, I will be waiting to see what you come up with ... if you do.

BTW, balancing job creation and the environment is a fact of life. Not sure what is so hard to grasp. It is not talking out of both sides of your mouth. People have to work to live in an environment they can appreciate. It is all about what type of jobs, what type of industries, etc.

I think your grasp of public policy is as lame as your attacks.

And, I have decided anonymous posters have a need for attention which is why they engage in pointless debates. First, I can't find the document anywhere; then, I found it but I don't like it .... drones on and on and on.

Ms. Bonds...

I think most people would agree with

balancing job creation and the environment is a fact of life.

Balance is the key word. I can't find much balance in a Titan Cement plant which may become possible if politicians "gerrymander" the air pollution measurement areas so as to make it appear air quality is better than it actually is. I also note that some of the legislation passed doesn't create jobs, but simply reduces environmental constraints that would otherwise cause builders/developers to be less ruthless in their projects. Yes, I've heard the old saw about more profit = more jobs, but that really doesn't seem to be the case. If often means more money in a very few peoples pockets at the expense of the general population, born and unborn.

Let's face it, environmentally speaking and all things being equal, people are too lazy and self-absorbed to do the right things unless someone either educates them or forces them to be more responsible. All you have to do to prove that point is to drive along our roadways and see the trash everywhere. Add "the opportunity to be more profitable" to lazy and self-absorbed and the environment and wild things haven't a chance.

When a non-political / non-partisan entity says the NC legislature has racked up it's worst environmental voting record in 10+ years, that says something. It also says something about the GOP and it's leadership, and it isn't complimentary. As you might imagine, since this is not a place where folks typically cheer-lead for Republicans, the legislature's current leaders are taking flack. Considering all that has been going on, seems well deserved.

Stan Bozarth

Just because an organization says it's non political or

non partisan, does that make it so? Would it be reasonable to assume that one half of its board members should be Democrat and the other half Republican? When they are all liberal Democrat, how can they keep a straight face and call themselves non partisan?

Pardon me if I don't trust non profit organizations to be fair and honest.

CO2 not a problem?

I challenge you to breathe 100% CO2 for 20 minutes.

I will then entertain your perspective on this issue.

(BTW, how do you get super/subscripting on this site? I'm not sure I'm a good match for this site if I can't write exponents and indices in anger. ;-) )

Garner, NC

I wouldn't recommend drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me. -- Hunter S. Thompson

(never mind the parenthetical)

I'm so used to vBulletin (and/or its clones) that I forget there are software packages which honor real HTML.

Sn = Σni=0yi2Δxi


So. Anyway. CO2. Frank, there is a challenge on the table.

Garner, NC

I wouldn't recommend drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me. -- Hunter S. Thompson

I reckon I don't need to worry about that.

When CO2 is only 0.039% of the atmosphere. Mother nature loves it too, with increased crop yields and tree growth.

Congratulations on being able to read Wikipedia, Frank

Now, without going back to look it up, was that percentage by mass or volume?

Didn't think so.

If you think CO2 is so good for living things that more is always better, take your next vacation on the surface of Venus. I'm sure a fiercely independent conservative or libertarian like yourself with a can-do attitude will have no problems.

Garner, NC

I wouldn't recommend drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me. -- Hunter S. Thompson

You are probably right....

but the Sierra Club and the Wilderness Society do not pretend to be non partisan. Just because a non profit organization calls itself non partisan does not make it so. It's what we call fraud. By calling itself non partisan, an organization does a study and that study is judged to be gospel just because it came from an organization that calls itself non partisan. We have no standards for the non partisan label. Maybe we should. These organizations all have their own agenda so its wise to look at their "studies" with that reality in mind.

The methodology is pretty straightforward

Bills that are filed (regardless of which party files them) are analyzed for potential environmental impacts, and then a determination is made on whether a "yes" or a "no" vote is preferred, for each bill in question.

After that, it's just a tally. Each legislator is rated on how he or she voted, not on what party they belong to.

Yes, Democrats (as a whole) have historically fared better on these annual scorecards than Republicans. But believe me when I say, the League of Conservation Voters would love to be able to give better scores to Republicans. And they work real hard trying to make that happen. A truly partisan organization wouldn't do that.

Chuck McGrady

Republican Representative Chuck McGrady of Henderson County has a history of leadership in the Sierra Club, including a stint as National President.

Great Conversation Friday Stan

I appreciate your professionalism, insight and ideas. Talk again soon.

BTW, did I say, not impressed with you or your

pointless attacks and lackluster posts. But I am so glad I have a name ... and know how to use it. Anonymity on blogs is just an excuse for people to attack with pointless comments, critique without facts and hide behind their anonymity so it impresses me -- none. If you have something to say and it is valid or intelligent, you use your name.

Using a name is hardly correlated with cogent posting

on blog sites. Your attempted diversion from the topic at hand makes that point for me. If you have something valid or ingtelligent to say, you would stick to discussing the merits, or lack thereof, of Faison's policies.
Wow, you have a name "... and know how to use it.". Do you have a license for that deadly rhetorical weapon?
Guess you don't appreciate Mark Tw- Samuel Clemens either. Guess he had nothing valid or intelligent to write.

I have posted facts. Faison did vote against raising the cigarette tax. The langauge in the jobs program part 1 is inaccurate and misleading. The 3rd paragraph of the jobs plan is just a bunch of platitudes, and the loopholes to be closed in part 2 are unspecified.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

A millionaire Legislator

A millionaire Legislator wanting to raise regressive taxes on all,including the poor,unemployed,middle class,and working families........while no mention of having millionaires like himself pay their fair share.

Sounds like he could give McCrory a real battle for the Republican nomination.



This speaks for itself. I see no other ideas on here for working, middle class families and North Carolinians support the penny sales tax that was in effect until July 1 when REPUBLICANS cut it. Waiting for a valid revenue source to re-employ those layed off and have yet to see either of you offer one.

PS 70 percent of House DEMS support the JOBS PLAN so that means your attacks are on all of them. And, BTW,m there is more to the plan than the 7/10 of a penny sales tax.

Did you miss the part about

Did you miss the part about raising taxes on millionaires,like Faison,and ensuring they are paying their fair share? That is an alternative plan that polls show an overwhelming majority of North Carolinians support.

Of course a majority also support a Voter ID bill,so I guess Millionaire Bill will support that next. I tell you, Millionaire Bill could really give McCrory a battle for that GOP nomination!!

Politicians support what is popular, leaders support what is right.

I saw your comment

and if you read the plan, you will see that it calls for eliminating tax loopholes. And, if you read the policy brief, you will see more information on tax loopholes. Should I call you Millionaire Don? Again, where else do you find the revenue? Please tell me. I have looked and this is the revenue for the task at hand.

Why don't you answer that question?

Sorry if you don't like the

Sorry if you don't like the answer I've given you.....but your question has been answered.

I would hope if I was a millionaire I would pay my fair share in taxes,instead of proposing increases in regressive taxes for all,including the poor,unemployed,middle class,and working families.

I think millionaires would pay their fare share

but there is still a gap in the revenue needed for education, teachers and state employees. Do the math; I did. And ask the Governor and the Senate why they allowed a $39m loophole during the session where out of state corps could have paid their fare share. That's what puts a burden on working, middle class families.

......and you don't relieve

......and you don't relieve that burden by raising regressive taxes on those same people.

yes you do when they have no jobs

just ask them. They have been paying a full penny for years and have been "relieved" of it for 6 months now so I suggest you ask them