Bill Faison meet and greet

What: Meet Bill Faison, NCDP State Chair Candidate
When: Sunday January 16th @ 4pm
Where: Harnett County Courthouse (2nd Floor Jury room)


I have no dog in this race

I have no dog in this race but perhaps meeting a candidate face to face and asking them questions would be a much better way to evaluate the merits of each candidate than e-mail and blog post snipes?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Well sure

I'm guessing the hundreds of SEC members are hoping to do just that.

But still, wouldn't you agree that the best predictor of what an elected leader will actually do is their past behavior, not their words?

Much of this discussion (not all of it) has focused on the performance of these two gentlemen over the past decade or longer. And more to your point, a lot of the sniping and snapping has come from various supporters, some involved in campaigns, some not, all eager to help their guy.

It seems to me that Faison and Parker themselves have done a good job staying out of that fray.

Okay, I just thought folks

Okay, I just thought folks might be interested in meeting the candidates if they get a chance. There's nothing like a face to face meeting. Just passing the information along. The Harnett County Courthouse is in Lillington, I don't believe I included that in the original post.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Meet the NCDP Candidates Events Scheduled

I hope will help you. (In an effort of full disclosure, I currently serve as the 8th District Democratic Party Chair and am a candidate for NCDP 1st Vice Chair)

MEET NCDP OFFICER CANDIDATES: NCDP officers will be elected at the NCDP Democratic Executive Committee Meeting in Raleigh Saturday January 29 by NC Democratic Executive Committee Members. NCDP officer candidates scheduled at the following locations.

Monday, January 17, 2011: 6:30 p.m. - Triangle Meet and Greet - 18 Seaboard Restaurant, 18 Seaboard Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27604

Saturday January 22, 2011:

9:15-10:15am – GCDP - GCDP HQ, 7 Battleground Ct. (W.Wendover & Battleground/Hwy 220), GSO

12:00 Noon – FCDP - Atkins Academic and Technology High School, 3605 Old Greensboro Road, W-S

4:00 p.m. - MCDP Carole A. Hoefener Community Ctr, 610 East 7th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202-2923