Bigot-In-Chief: Trump tries to roll back Civil Rights protections


Allowing government contracts to those who would discriminate:

The Trump administration has embarked on an 11th-hour bid to undo some civil rights protections for minority groups, which could have a ripple effect on women, people with disabilities and L.G.B.T. people, according to a draft document, in a change that would mark one of the most significant shifts in civil rights enforcement in generations.

The Justice Department has submitted for White House approval a change to how it enforces Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits recipients of federal funding from discriminating based on race, color or national origin. The regulation covers housing programs, employers, schools, hospitals, and other organizations and programs.

And every damn Republican who votes today to keep this jackass in office needs to be painted with that bigoted brush. This needs to be part of the arguments today, on the Congressional Record, so it will be abundantly clear what these seditious conspirators are actually supporting with their antics. And before you say it, no, Biden won't be able to easily fix this problem:

The move is the latest in the Trump administration’s efforts to pare back civil rights protections for minority and other groups. It has curtailed other regulations, reversed affirmative action policies and cut government diversity training. The Justice Department effort also dovetails with a decades-long project in the conservative legal movement to push back on civil rights protections seen as going beyond the law.

The Justice Department quietly submitted the change to the White House Office of Management and Budget on Dec. 21, making it one of former Attorney General William P. Barr’s final acts. It did not make the language available for public review or comment, as is typically required in the federal rule-making process, citing an exception for matters related to agency loans, grants and contracts because the rule covers organizations that receive federal funding.

Should the revised language be put in place, as the White House is expected to do, progressive legal groups are likely to challenge it, setting up a potential review by a Supreme Court with a conservative majority seen as hostile to civil rights protections. The incoming Biden administration could not immediately reverse the move, but a new attorney general could delay its enactment.

The change would be the Justice Department’s first substantial amendment to how it defines discriminatory behavior in Title VI since 1973, according to the draft document.

After almost fifty years, they are pulling this stunt in the last two weeks of a lame-duck President's administration. Congress needs to pass a law blocking an outgoing President and his Cabinet from making any rule changes before a new administration takes over, because it is ripe for corruption and/or partisan gamesmanship.